Kx Systems

Kx: The world’s most powerful
number cruncher.

Kx offers kdb+, a high-performance column-store database with a built-in expressive query and programming language, q. Used as a central repository to store time-series data within an enterprise, kdb+ supports real-time analysis of billions of records and fast access to terabytes of historical data. It also:

  • provides seamless scalability;
  • runs on industry standard server platforms;
  • is top-ranked in third-party benchmark testing;
  • has an extremely small footprint, which makes installation and maintenance fast and straightforward;
  • easily accommodates available APIs for connectivity to major external systems and modules;
  • requires fewer developers, contributing to lower total cost of ownership.

The result? A rich environment of powerful solutions.

Download the Kx report on 'Opportunities and Challenges of Streaming Analytics and In-memory Computing', featuring Gartner Research.