The world’s fastest database for vector, time series and real-time analytics.

Data-driven organizations choosing KX for faster decision making:

  • Morgan Stanley
  • J.P. Morgan
  • UBS
  • Syneos Health
  • Medtronic
  • Alpine

Experience KDB.AI

Unlock structured and unstructured data with temporal and semantic search at scale.

kdb is the engine that powers KX technology. Built for high performance vector data driven applications, it turbo charges AI and ML tools in the cloud, data warehouses and data lakes for faster more efficient decision making. Accelerate data, analytics and generative AI pipelines using a data timehouse for less cost, faster performance, and increased efficiency.

Run your Snowflake queries 100Xfaster

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Run your Python scripts 100Xfaster

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Execute your Spark jobs 100Xmore efficiently

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*Based on time-series queries running in real-world use cases on customer environments. To see how kdb performed in independent benchmarks that show similar on replicable data see: TSBS 2023, STAC-M3, DBOps, and Imperial College London Results for High-performance DB benchmarks.

kdb Products

The kdb time series database and analytics engine delivers endless possibilities on-prem, at the edge, or in the cloud.


Experience the world's fastest time series database and analytics engine.
  • Fastest query speed
  • In-memory compute engine
  • Extreme scalability
  • Program in q
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kdb Insights

Cloud-ready time series database and analytics engine for multiple languages.
  • Built on kdb+
  • Object storage and REST support
  • Pluggable microservices
  • Program in SQL and q
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kdb Insights Enterprise

Enterprise-featured time series database and streaming analytics engine.
  • Built on kdb+
  • Multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-prem
  • Elastic scalability
  • IAM & Auth
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kdb - Available on Your Cloud

Web Services

High-performance data analytics in the cloud and available as a fully managed service on Amazon FinSpace.
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Unlock the power of real-time analytics on the Google Cloud along with seamless Big Query integration.
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Vector processing and time-series analytics built for the agility and scalability of the Azure ecosystem.
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Built for the most demanding data environments, kdb is designed to solve complex data problems across the enterprise.

Photo of a Chief Financial Officer
Chief Finance Officers

Finance your innovation and digital transformation projects with cost-effective insights per unit of compute to reduce cloud, SaaS and other costs.

Photo of a Chief Data Officer
Chief Data Officers

Regain control of your sprawling architectures and the backlog of business goals to squish the stack and accelerate analytic processing.

Photo of a Data Scientists
Data Scientists

Wrangle and prepare data at scale to develop your business insights in real-time and accelerate research to production processes.

Photo of a Data Engineer
Data Engineers

Easily manage your complex data pipelines to accelerate the delivery of data and insights to your business users.

Photo of a Developer

Seamlessly reduce your development cycles by writing code and delivering business value at the speed of thought.


Syneos Health and KX Partner to Pioneer Data-Driven Transformation in Biopharmaceutical Asset Development

Syneos Health and KX Partner to Pioneer Data-Driven Transformation in Biopharmaceutical Asset Development - KX
The partnership will deliver data-driven predictive analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to help customers address complex healthcare decisions via the industry’s first data timehouse.

BWT Alpine F1® Team Drives Success with Real-Time Data Analytics

BWT Alpine F1 Racing Driver - KX
KX has become Alpine F1 Team’s holistic data science platform of choice, helping it spot and react to problems before they happen and identify opportunities to increase performance, all in milliseconds.

KX Powers Advanced Data Management and Analytics For Smart City Solutions

KX and [ui!] Deliver Advanced Data Management and Time Series Analytics for Smart City Solution Provider ENE.HUB - KX
ENE.HUB needed a platform for real-time analytics that could manage the large amount of data being generated and also be able to grow, adapt to change, and be secure.
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