Some trading analytics platforms can’t deliver performance, agility, simplicity, and scalability all at the same time. But now, there’s a way for you to optimize trading analytics and outcomes - without compromise.

Only kdb Insights empowers data scientists, electronic traders, and engineers to ingest, manage, and store vast volumes of data. We help them utilize market data statistics, tune algorithmic trading in real-time, and deliver pre and post-trade analytics to measure performance and improve trading confidence. KX also makes it easy to prepare dynamic visualizations and reports, such as Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) and Execution Analytics, and build data pipelines from disparate data sources – such as Liquidity Venues and Order Book data. KX Insights also powers fast and effective Risk and Balance Sheet Management, at speed and at scale.



Optimize Trading Outcomes

We built our technology and reputation on Wall Street, powering applications and critical real-time decisions that require continuous and contextual intelligence. The KX platform accelerates algorithmic innovation, enables deeper querying of more data in previously inconceivable timeframes, and delivers deep, rich insights for more confident trading and a sharper competitive edge.

Build the Perfect Futureproof Platform

Ingest, store, manage, analyze, and effortlessly visualize vast volumes of data at scale and speed on a cloud-native platform, use familiar tools, and leverage the capabilities of the world’s fastest time-series database and analytics engine (kdb+ / q). KX records a continuous stream of trading truth, and powers differentiating analytics for trade optimization.

Demonstrate Execution Quality

Review insights at the end of trade – not the end of the day. kdb Insights helps data scientists and electronic traders consistently demonstrate ‘best execution’ and use the most precise and broad data to provide comprehensive data-driven evidence of internal and regulatory compliance satisfying Mifid 2 and more – on demand.

kdb Insights supports the following Trading and Analytics types:

Event-Driven Analytics | Execution Consulting | Hedging | High-Frequency Trading | Index Arbitrage | Liquidity Statistics | Management and Client Reporting | Market Data Statistics | Market Making | Multi-Asset Class / Macro | Order Book | Post-Trade Analytics & TCA | Pre-Trade Analytics | Price Improvement | Proprietary Trading | Quantamental Trading | Regulatory Reporting | Risk Analytics | Signal Generation | Statistical Arbitrage | Systematic Trading | Technical Trading | Theoretical Trading | Tick-Data Analytics

Trading Analytics Without Compromise eBook | KX

Trading Analytics Without Compromise

How to prepare for a future of faster and more efficient analytics for optimal trading outcomes.

Many of today’s trading analytics platforms can’t deliver enterprise-class performance, agility, simplicity, and scalability simultaneously. Read on to discover how to prepare yourself for a future of trading analytics and outcomes without compromise.


Ingests, enriches, and analyses multiple data sources for better, faster trading strategies and execution.


Delivers analytics and insights for accelerated Quant and data science research, modeling, and trading.


Performs analytics at the speed required for high-frequency trading, decision-making, and automated action.


Scales to support the ever-growing data volumes from traditional and new markets.


Reduces regulatory breaches with continuous trade, market, and behavior surveillance.

How KX Addresses the Data Management and Analytical Needs of the Financial Services Sector

How KX Addresses the Data Management and Analytical Needs of the Financial Services Sector




It’s proven to be the best performing and most agile data management, engineering, and analytics platform for developers, electronic traders, data engineers, and data executives with applications and algorithms that require continuous and contextual intelligence. Built for modern data landscapes, KX Insights is designed for agility and scalability to run anywhere with extensive data science language integrations and easy interoperability with any data source. KX Insights delivers richer analytics at scale and speed by ingesting, managing, analyzing, and visualizing all your data on one platform, enriching real-time streaming data with historical context for best-informed decision intelligence. And it’s proven to deliver fast ROI, with STAC and Yahoo Streaming benchmarks exceeding competitors’ performance and independent analysts’ studies indicating 80% optimizations for data management and analytics, with 315% ROI realized in less than six months.

Single Data Store

KX delivers a unified platform for trading data storage that interoperates with any source and avoids compromise on either performance or scalability. Storing data – deep historical and real-time – in relational schemas accelerates access and seamlessly adds contextual depth to the resulting decision intelligence. Storing, managing, analyzing, enriching, and visualizing all your target data on KX’s single unified platform reduces the need for creating custom data pipelines or transferring data, avoids batch-related delays, simplifies architecture and data processing, and enables querying to the lowest granularity of raw data – in real-time.

Single Data Store - KX
Proven, Unified Platform

kdb Insights is an integrated data management and analytics platform for real-time decision-making powered by streaming and historical data, designed to run on the hyper-scale cloud, hybrid cloud, on-premise, or at the edge. It delivers speed to value by accelerating application development and delivery with extensive data science language integrations – including Python, ANSI SQL, as well as REST and Open APIs. The KX platform is trusted by leading financial institutions worldwide to deliver enterprise-class availability, resilience, and performance in support of their most critical data loads and analytics processes.

Proven Unified Platform - KX
Agile, Performant Analytics

Optimize agility, costs, and outcomes for your customers with kdb Insights. In a single platform, without impacting performance, KX enables developers and architects to build apps and ingest, store, manage, analyze, enrich, and visualize data in real time. It’s hugely scalable and efficient, lowering TCO by requiring less hardware to drive the huge data volumes required for large flow businesses. Analyzing millions of events per second with nano resolution of timestamps kdb Insights enables data engineers, analysts, and scientists to keep up with market volatility and execute more analytics more often.

Agile Performant Analytics - KX
Cloud-Native Architecture

As a cloud-first solution, KX leverages the benefits of cloud architecture natively to deliver fast and scalable real-time data insights, accelerating adoption for performant data management and flexible streaming data analytics while bringing efficiency, agility, performance, and elastic scalability to development lifecycles with cloud-native processes and systems. kdb Insights Core, Microservices, and Platform are built on cloud-native architectures and easily scale with cloud timescales – KX supports lift-and-shift with kdb Insights Core, Re-Architect with kdb Insights Microservices, and Rebuild with the kdb Insights platform. KX partners with Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Cloud Native Architecture - KX






Unleash the power of the world’s fastest streaming data analytics platform.