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KX counts the top ten global investment banks among its customers and is now being adopted across other sectors including utilities, telco, oil and gas, manufacturing, that need the capability to process vast data volumes and deliver high-speed analytics. On-going engagement with these customers has led to the development of a range of services that now include consulting services, architectural and design workshops, customised training, support and multi-location staff augmentation.


Our global team of talented KX engineers have years of experience in developing, deploying and supporting kdb+ based applications and mission critical solutions across multiple industries.


They have been delivered in areas ranging from transaction cost analysis, real-time risk aggregation, visualization, latency analysis and meter reading analysing and across the worlds of finance, manufacturing, automotive, telco, oil and gas and utilities.


Our public training courses are run over three days and our custom courses can be tailored to meet individual needs and requirements.


Course content can be derived from our standard modules or bespoke topics at the client’s request. All our trainers are senior kdb+ technologists with years of experience designing, implementing and supporting KX based systems for our clients.

After attending any of the training courses participants have full access to our premium support service with access to kdb+ engineers on a 24/7 basis for three months ensuring attendees continue to benefit from our knowledge even after course completion.

As we monitor the ongoing global situation regarding COVID-19, we are currently hosting  our workshops and training online so that we continue to deliver our training to the KX Community worldwide.

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An introductory course about kdb+ and the principles of vector programming. Developers who complete this course will be fully able to use kdb+ to manage data from multiple data sources and interact with both in memory and on disk kdb+ installations.

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Geared towards developers with a grounding in kdb+, this courses provides a deeper understanding of how kdb+ works and how to use some of its more powerful features. It focuses on tuning and getting maximum performance out of kdb+ applications.

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As we monitor the ongoing global situation regarding COVID-19, we have decided to host our workshops and training on a digital platform to continue to deliver our training to the KX Community worldwide.

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Near Shore Centre of Excellence

KX provides a Centre of Excellence service that covers the full software development life-cycle (“SDLC”) from requirements gathering, design, development, testing, deployment through to post-delivery support and maintenance. By assembling experts in each of these areas it taps their collective knowledge and experience to deliver superior quality software and support. It incorporates formal project management methodologies and best practice in terms of account management and governance. Moreover, by offering its COE services on a reduced-cost, Near Shore basis it provides further saving across the full spectrum of recruitment, training, IT infrastructure, office space, career planning, HR and management overhead.

Near Shore Centre of Excellence Case Study

Our client wished to establish a cost effective centre of excellence for kdb+ development and production support to cater for the millions of customer queries sent on a 24/7 basis. This required comprehensive project management skills and in-depth product knowledge, along with expert development skills in technologies such as Shell scripting, UNIX, Perl and Java as well as vast experience using project management tools like JIRA, source code repositories like Perforce, robust regression testing and software release procedures. The service was subsequently extended to other functional groups based on the success of the initial project.


What we did:

  • Built a dedicated team, including both on-site and Near Shore team leads that manage a group of highly skilled developers
  • Formalized a Service Level Agreement and Business Continuity Plan.
  • Established a secure technological and Near Shore office infrastructure, meeting the highest facility standards.
  • Ongoing, intensive training of team members on the client’s methodology, development framework and other company practices.
  • Knowledge transfer (onsite to Near Shore/offshore)


  • Facilitated scaling of developer team size to meet budget/project needs.
  • Proximity – Near Shore services facilitate physical and financial ease in travelling to the Near Shore location for training.
  • Reduce the dependency upon internal resources.
  • Equivalent time zones – Near Shore location is in a similar time zone to the company and crosses between the
  • Asian, European and American trading sessions.
  • Faster turnaround and increased productivity
  • On-call production support 24 hours a day.


KX Services provide skilled personnel to work under your direction to help develop, maintain, manage and support your KX applications.


Our skilled professionals can help you manage fluctuating resource needs, skills gaps and changing priorities to meet your aggressive project timelines.

We have a full ecosystem of resources designed to enhance, improve and support customer experience and delivery. We offer a range of kdb+ technology support options and can customize a service to suit specific client needs. KX provide industry-acclaimed support for our customers and we pride ourselves on being highly responsive to customer needs, typically responding to technical inquiries within minutes, and offering solutions within the day. These responses are delivered by knowledgeable staff familiar with the code at a very deep level and not scripted responses from an outsourced support centre.


Intelligently built. Expertly supported.