Real-time data analytics with KX delivers IIOT powered observability of manufacturing resources, production lines, plants,  sustainability efforts and data-driven “future of work” initiatives. KX provides connected, contextual, and continuous insight across your IT and OT including in real time. It ingests, aggregates and analyzes data anywhere between the most miniature connected sensor on the edge to executive-impacting operational and resource management visualizations and reports.



Power measurable efficiency & sustainability

Using data-driven insights to identify efficiencies across all your resources, machines, lines, plants, and people will subsequently support sustainability initiatives by reducing equipment replacement, rework, and wastage – and optimizing product quality.

Operational Efficiency

Real-time actionable insight from the factory floor delivered in the boardroom highlights equipment, pod and plant efficiency, and illuminates opportunities, maintenance needs and areas for improvement. Deliver continuous visualization of firmwide KPIs, including OEE and OOE.

Squish Your Stack

Why have 5 tools when 1 will do? Having KX hub your data aggregation, analysis and visualization saves time, adds efficiency, and simplifies your digital manufacturing future. Whether working with real-time and historical data, from equipment, database, historian or live stream, optimize processes quickly, easily and at lower cost.


Ingests data at the rate required for R&D testing and manufacturing processes.


Performs analytics at the speed required for decision-making and automated action.


Scales to support the ever-growing number of tools, sensors, and measurement frequencies.


Delivers analytics and insights – on the factory floor, in a data center, and the cloud.


Reduces costs in data processing and management.

How KX Addresses the
Data Processing & Analytics
Needs of Manufacturers

How KX Addresses the
Data Processing & Analytics
Needs of Manufacturers


Total Economic Impact™ of kdb Insights Enterprise

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ study examines the return on investment high-complexity manufacturing organizations can realize by deploying kdb Insights Enterprise. Download the study to learn more and discover how.



Producing more products for less expense is a common goal for manufacturers, and the value of “data” in achieving that goal cannot be underestimated. Whether it’s daily productivity KPIs, visibility of the extended logistics and resource supply change, integrating IT and OT, or continuous monitoring of every sensor in every plant, KX enables you to identify opportunities and anomalies in real-time.

The world of Smart Manufacturing and IoT is grappling with the enormous challenges of fast data and automation required in today’s changing environment. Using that data to deliver decision intelligence will enable you to optimize your processes and resources and simultaneously minimize wastage and rework, equipment downtime, and customer dissatisfaction.

Built on the world’s fastest time-series database kdb+, KX can ingest, store, manage, analyze and visualize data at scale, providing measurable benefits across the manufacturing sector with

  • More Productive Smart Factories
  • Advanced Process Control Optimizing Output
  • Proactive Fault Detection for Reduced Wastage
  • Improved Efficiencies by Stronger Data Consumption
  • Lowered Costs by Improved Product Reliability
  • More Competitive Product Iteration
  • Optimized Operational and Inventory Costs
  • Differentiated Sustainability Initiatives
  • Accelerated Cost Reducing Process Simulation
  • A Foundation for The “Future Of Work”

The Value of Timely Data in Modern Manufacturing

Watch this webinar where Vats Vana, Vice President of IoT Strategy & Products at KX, and guest speaker Paul Miller, Vice President, and Principal Analyst at Forrester, covers several topical issues in Manufacturing.

More Productive Smart Factories

KX is proven to solve high-tech manufacturing problems with data ingestion, query capabilities, and low cost of ownership.

Factories with multiple tools, processes, and platforms can take advantage of the performance KX provides in real-time processing of high volume, high velocity, and high variety data to deliver signals, insights, and actions. And Smart Manufacturers effectively use that insight to drive efficiencies across resources, machinery, people, processes, and plants.

Built for the modern data ecosystem, KX can quickly scale to support the increasing numbers of tools and sensors, driving higher data volumes and an ever-more-complex data landscape.

  • 30m Sensor Reading/sec ingestion on a single node
  • Hundreds of concurrent queries/second
  • 75% reductions in TCO

KX creates institutional knowledge for us. Even if it is a different production engineer on the line, because KX knits together real-time and historical past data on the dashboard, we are much more quickly able to determine patterns and solve production problems.

Advanced Process Control Optimizing Output

Today, clients require faster control decisions to improve productivity and yield, especially at the edge or tool level.

Advanced process control requires analytical, statistical, and ML/AI algorithms to be executed fast enough to recommend, determine control action, and then take that control action fast enough to ensure processes operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

KX provides complex event processing and analytics facilities powered by our vector-oriented programming and query language and integrations with SQL, Python, R, MatLab, and other languages to operate on streaming and historical data simultaneously.

With the lightweight infrastructure footprint of KX, these capabilities can be brought closer to the source of data and measurements. Once this data, its analytics, and the results are stored, it can be forwarded to a central location to provide a consolidated view across the entire manufacturing ecosystem and acted on for big data analytics for monitoring, simulations, performance optimizations, etc.

  • AEPC <30msec responses
  • 100X faster than legacy
  • Edge Deployments

Proactive Fault Detection for Reduced Wastage

Edge connectivity accelerates insights from millions of sensors across machines and production lines, providing visibility of component variances under different operating conditions and quickly and definitively to root failure issues.

Systems can be stress-tested before a failure causes an expensive stoppage, empowering change from reactive repair to proactive maintenance. With faults identified down to individual sensors, task workers can appropriately prioritize their response and resources.

Improved Efficiencies by Stronger Data Consumption

KX significantly reduces the time required to ingest and manipulate the millions of data points edge device/IoT sensors generated into a form usable for data scientists – reducing the resources necessary for this task by more than 80% and enabling workers to be upskilled or to progress to other innovation projects.

Lowered Costs by Improved Product Reliability

KX capabilities gather stored and historical data and network performance to support deeper statistical analysis. This results in tighter performance specifications and the capability to test and adhere to these in real-time, which significantly improves product performance and reliability, saving rework costs. Real-time anomaly detection at any production stage, supported by automated responses, significantly reduces wastage and rework, ultimately delivering better-quality products more efficiently.

More Competitive Product Iteration

KX provides improved analytical capabilities and speed, permitting Smart Manufacturers to iterate through development, production, and network fixes as much as 85% faster than their previous capabilities. With faster iteration and development cycles, not only is R&D accelerated, but the resultant final product is of a higher quality, which in turn leads to less rework and a more satisfied customer base.


We can react even if not in front of the dashboard, and there’s a test out of acceptable range. Because we are now able to iterate on the issue right away, we save money in reduced waste and rework.

Optimized Operational and Inventory Costs

Improvements in product reliability driven by KX create significant downstream benefits. Powered by KX, manufacturers can continuously monitor component resilience over broader circumstances, reducing costs for unneeded backup components and infrastructure.

Differentiated Sustainability Initiatives

Monitoring and proactive prevention of environmental breaches can significantly reduce regulatory penalties and reputational damage. And being able to leverage real-time insight for better use of resources, extending the effective equipment lifespan, reducing wastage, improving quality, and reducing rework all combine to represent a measurable and credible sustainability initiative.

Accelerated Cost Reducing Process Simulation

Costs of resources and scarcity of components have accelerated the value of modeling and simulation. Enriching data from different processes with historical context allows data scientists to rapidly and accurately model and identify optimal strategies.

A Foundation for The “Future Of Work”

As factories become more connected, so will your workers. What may now be on a wall-mounted monitor could be delivered to a mobile or wearable device, and augmented reality may have a more significant role in your future. Having access to company-wide data in real-time can provide a different and better way of working – where human experts are empowered with the tools they need and want.


Thales Logo - KX

KX Powers Data-driven Decisions for Thales Led Digital Factory Initiative as Part of COREF Consortium

Developed by Thales, COREF provides a low-risk, collaborative environment to investigate, demonstrate and prove digital technology use cases. Enabling Thales to accelerate technology deployment in high complexity, low volume production scenarios. As part of this consortium KX is enabling data driven insights into industry, through quality monitoring, remote diagnostics, simulation, and cost modelling capabilities using kdb, the world’s fastest time series database technology. COREF enables users to run and test industrial software solutions in a sandbox environment whilst also being able to connect to live industrial assets – to further develop effective data management and support automated & semi-automated decision-making.



Unleash the power of the world’s fastest streaming data analytics platform.