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    The world of Smart Manufacturing and IoT is grappling with the enormous challenges of fast data and automation required in today’s changing environment.


    As a result, many organizations are failing to exploit the benefits real-time data analytics can bring.


    Ingesting data at the rate required for R&D testing and manufacturing processes.


    Performing analytics at the speed required for decision making and automated action.


    Scaling to support the growing number of tools, sensors, and measurement frequencies.


    Delivering analytics and insights on the factory floor, in a data centre or in the cloud.


    Reducing costs in data processing and management.

    Challenging Data Processing
    and Analytics Requirements 


    KX is designed to address data processing and analytics requirements that are challenging in manufacturing.

    Challenging Data Processing
    and Analytics Requirements 


    KX is designed to address data processing and analytics requirements that are challenging in manufacturing.


    The faster organizations can act to improve processes and lower costs, the more competitive they can be.


    KX, with its ability to ingest, store and analyze data at scale enables optimization across a wide range of areas including:

    Powering Factories, Process Variability Prediction and Optimization, Fault Detection and Classification, Advanced Process Control, Equipment Failure Detection, Root Cause Analysis, Defect Detection, Process Simulation, Digital Twin, CoO improvement

    Read our data sheet for more information


    KX is a proven solution to solve high-tech manufacturing problems with data ingestion, query capabilities, and cost of ownership.


    Factories that have many tools can take advantage of the performance KX provides in real time processing of high volume, high velocity, and high variety data to become signals, insights, and actions.

    KX can easily scale as the number of tools and sensors grow and the volume and complexity of the required insights increases.


    30m Sensor Reading/sec ingestion on a single node


    Hundreds of concurrent queries/sec


    75% reductions in TCO


    This global leader in materials engineering solutions is the predominant supplier of chip and advanced displays tooling worldwide.


    Its applications provide the comprehensive control and productivity suite in smart manufacturing that are widely proven and established in high volume producing factories worldwide.

    Their applications, powered by KX, deliver high-speed analysis and response times demanded of fast data solutions in the world of Smart Manufacturing.  


    Enable queries of streaming and historical data in real-time.


    Improved query speeds by over 50x

    10,000 HOURS SAVED

    10,000 hours of engineering saved


    Clients require faster control decisions today to improve productivity and yield, especially at the edge or tool level.


    Advanced process control requires analytical, statistical and ML/AI algorithms to be executed fast enough in order to recommend, determine control action and then to be able to take that control action fast enough to ensure processes operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

    KX provides complex event processing and analytics facilities powered by our vector-oriented programming and query language, as well as integrations with Python, R, MatLab and other languages to operate on streaming and historical data at the same time.

    With the lightweight infrastructure footprint of KX, these capabilities can be brought closer to the source of data and measurements. Once this data, its analytics, and the results are stored, it can be forwarded to a central location to provide a consolidated view across the entire manufacturing ecosystem and acted on for big data analytics for monitoring, simulations, performance optimizations, etc.


    AEPC <30msec responses


    100X faster than legacy


    Edge Deployments


    Determining why something occurs or why equipment is not operating at maximum utility is a big challenge involving a lot of variables including: operational, setup and configurations, and environmental, from both streaming and a lot of historical data.


    A client required a system that could ingest tens of millions of readings per second, Query over a year of historical data, and to run a range of analytics to identify issues that impacted the yield of a wafer fab factory. With KX, engineers were able to accelerate queries and analytics by 300x, enabling them to rapidly identify features, understand causes, and generate control actions.


    300x faster in Feature Engineering Analytics.


    Predictive Maintenance and Tool Failure.


    Faster cycles of learning. Learn fast, Fail faster.


    Solving Manufacturing Challenges


    Ideally suited for ingesting, analyzing, processing and storing both streaming and historical data, KX Streaming Analytics excels in capturing and analyzing machine-generated data for industrial applications – that includes tool trace, log, vibration, pressure, flow, voltage, process parametric and test data at any measurement frequency, for any number of tools.


    KX enables you to scale anywhere from thousands to hundreds of millions of sensors, at any measurement frequency whilst maintaining extremely high levels of performance for analytics and processing.


    KX is a single integrated software platform that can be deployed at the edge, close to where data is generated near the tool or in the field, as well as on-premises and in cloud infrastructure to support workloads and use cases where latency matters, while simultaneously providing real-time consolidated views across assets, processes, factories and locations.

    KX can deliver improvements to critical processes and systems at the levels of performance, scalability, and fault resilience demanded in today’s world of 24×7 automated operations for delivering fast insights and actions. Moreover, KX can deliver them with no loss of data in extreme conditions and low cost of ownership.


    Ingest and process millions of sensor readings per second on a single node.


    Real-time analytics blending streaming and historical data, with fully relational DB functions.


    No data loss with built-in data protection and replication.


    Automatically scale and re-balance workloads on-line.


    Optimized to run in low-resource and commodity infrastructure.

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