Kx technology integrated into innovative blockchain trade processing platform

8 May 2018 | By James Corcoran | , ,

By James Corcoran Blockchain, the technology underpinning cryptocurrencies, has widespread applications both within the financial industry and more broadly in other sectors.  Kx technology is known for extremely fast processing of large volumes of real-time data, and has been widely adopted by financial services institutions to get an edge when it comes to analytics and

Case study: Kdb+ Used at NASA Frontier Development Lab in Predictive AI tool

1 May 2018 | By Dr Claire McLean | ,

The NASA Frontier Development Lab combines the knowledge of planetary scientists and AI researchers to develop tools that benefit all of humanity. However this endeavor can only be achieved with the help and guidance of the FDL’s commercial partners. This case study gives an example of the crucial role of Kx systems technology in the development of a new space weather tool FlareNet.

Kdb+ and WebSockets

26 Apr 2018 |

Since the release of kdb+ 3.0 in September 2012, it has been possible to make use of WebSockets when connecting to a kdb+ process. This has significant implications for how one can build front-end applications that use a kdb+ back-end, in particular for applications wanting to display real-time information. In the latest in an ongoing series of kdb+ technical white papers published on the Kx Developer's site, Kx engineer Michael Gracey has updated a previous 2014 paper about kdb+ and WebSockets written by Chris Scott. As part of this revision, the paper now also documents new message handlers for opening and closing WebSocket connections, and debugging techniques that can be used to view traffic over these connections.

Migrating a kdb+ historical database to the Amazon Cloud

18 Apr 2018 | By Glenn Wright | , , ,

If you are currently migrating, or considering migrating an historical kdb+ database (HDB) to the Cloud, you will want to read this white paper on the kdb+ developers’ site which looks at popular storage solutions available within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. The paper also compares and contrasts the performance of kdb+ on EC2 instances versus physical hardware.

Using kdb+ with satellite imagery data at 3DEO

13 Apr 2018 | By Sarah Gibson | , ,

Last year Earth observation specialist 3DEO selected Kx technology to provide rapid analysis of data from satellites, aerial platforms and Unmanned Air Vehicles for multiple commercial markets. Their plan was to use Kx’s time-series database system kdb+ for the real-time capture, processing and visualization of vast quantities of imagery data.