Book a demo of kdb, the fastest time series data analytics engine in the cloud

Discover how the kdb Insights analytics engine can power your journey to being a data-driven intelligent enterprise with 100x more performant data and MLOps pipelines.

Designed to find value from streaming, real-time, and historical data, kdb Insights is unique in its ability to integrate in-memory and on-disk analytics at lightning-fast speeds.

kdb Insights boasts an extensive suite of developer language integrations and BI tools – to bring the power of the database to business users in all parts of the enterprise.
kdb Insights brings full enterprise scale, resilience, integration, and analytics flexibility. It enables data scientists to find value across the entire data ecosystem and power better business decisions and optimal outcomes – in real-time.



Unleash the power of the world’s fastest time series database, and real-time analytics engine.