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The world’s fastest time-series database and analytics engine.

Enabling application developers, data scientists, and data engineers
to power the real-time intelligent enterprise.

kdb+ provides data scientists and application developers with a centralized high-performance time series analytics solution for real-time and multi-petabyte historical datasets. Built on top of the powerful q language, it is proven by independent benchmarks to significantly reduce hardware and maintenance costs, delivering ultra-high performance and scalability.


  • Small memory footprint that exploits L1/2 CPU caches (up to 100 times faster than RAM)
  • Multithreaded CSV Parser halves data ingestion times
  • Peach Algorithm increases query execution speed by 30%
  • Enhanced TLS and OpenSSL with At-Rest Compression
  • Integrated programming language that operates directly on data
  • Stores data in column format to simplify indexing, joins, bulk writes, and compression

By managing all aspects of the data management process, from ingestion, storage, and logging to event processing and real-time analytics, kdb+ reduces
the number of separate steps required to move and process data. Consequently, it minimizes latency and TCO in developing solutions across multiple industries.


Get to know kdb+ by downloading our free Personal Edition – valid for 12 months.

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kdb+ allows the fastest and most efficient capture and querying of real-time and historical data.

In financial services, for example, “tick data” can be captured directly from exchange feeds such as NYSE and NASDAQ and aggregators such as Bloomberg and LSEG Refinitiv.

Under this architecture, the most recent data lives in memory and older data lives on persistent disk. This hybrid solution allows users to query on-disk tables as if they were in memory and vice versa, with no difference to query syntax, greatly reducing developer overhead and maintenance costs.


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Deliver 100x more data analytic performance to your Python code, SQL queries, and Jupyter Notebooks.