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    Telco Operators, System Integrators and OEM’s continue to be challenged by ever-increasing data volumes, network complexity and quality of service demands across the mobile ecosystem.


    Managing the network to deliver on these needs while keeping costs under control is a major challenge. Traditional network management systems lack the combination of big data management, advanced analytics and visualization capabilities that enable the required real-time insights to drive the required level of automation as the industry moves to a zero-touch network management goal. KX provides them all.

    KX technology was designed from the outset to handle the massive scales and speeds associated with real-time stock trading and this capability is ideally suited for Telco’s big fast data challenges. KX provides a platform for full network processes automation by providing an integrated holistic view on network performance and the quality of the services delivered to the customers.

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    KX enables CSPs to proactively plan their network investment, develop build schedules, and introduce new technologies and services such as 5G and IoT in the most optimal fashion.


    By applying machine learning processes to past deployments it can automatically determine how to improve new deployments and anticipate required configuration changes.

    What-if analytics and machine learning-based models enable operators to prioritize deployment by assessing the impact of configuration changes or increased volume across the network.


    KX provides processes and analytics for defining network deployments based on performance and quality targets with accompanying functionality for real-time detection, diagnosis, and remediation of network underperformance.


    The underlying platform can ingest, store and analyze hundreds of network metrics such as service traffic over time, session data, geolocation, cell configuration, interference, noise, signal strength, and many others, for each cell of the network with maximum time granularity.

    This functionality enables mobile operators to supervise network performance in real-time and to make statistical inferences to more efficiently manage their network. User quality data can also be included in the analysis to enable detailed mathematical modeling of network quality of services as it affects the customer experience.

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    Customer Quality Modelling

    As experienced telco solution providers, we have extensive experience in applying machine learning to techniques to not only improve customer quality measures but to automate them as well. KX offers specific tools and processes that enable CSPs to build mathematical models of customer quality for their network.

    By consolidating and correlating data from a multitude of interfaces, you can evaluate customer satisfaction, reduce customer churn, improve service quality, and provide more attractive service offerings to increase customer loyalty and retention. Moreover, it can be done in real time.

    Automated Diagnostics & Optimization

    KX can be integrated into your optimization process to focus on both quality and cost and to achieve the appropriate balance of both. The solution implements models that infer customer quality in each cell and automates root cause analysis of deviation from defined service quality levels. Automation is achieved via real-time monitoring of network performance that measures deviation from the target quality model. Diagnostics identify root causes and propose the appropriate remedial action. The results then feedback into the same process to enable a continuous analysis of both quality and cost-effectiveness.


    Private Networks improve connectivity, provide data usage savings and enhanced traffic flow management enabling tailored, optimized performance for IoT applications and services.


    These are some of the reasons why Private LTE is becoming increasingly popular within the healthcare, transport and logistics, manufacturing, smart cities, and oil and gas sectors. ABI Research expects the market to be worth US$16.3 billion by 2025.

    Additionally, the industry is seeing the emergence of multi-operator small cells and shared/unlicensed spectrum access schemes for localized connectivity and bandwidth optimization use cases. KX is ideally placed to be used as the core database within such a network platform or as a single integrated analytics stack within Private Network enterprise applications across IoT domains.


    We can provide strategic and technical consultancy services to help you improve your business.


    KX can provide highly experienced teams to work on specific Telco business projects as well as on the Big Fast Data challenges of Telco data.


    Technical consultancy focused on the auditing of network and services, the definition and implementation of network planning and optimization processes, and the analysis of new technologies.


    Service assurance monitoring and detection of errors and inefficiencies across all operational areas.


    Quality benchmark assessments to determine empirically and statistically the differences in the quality of services provided by operators.

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