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Join data fanatics, industry leaders, and technology experts from around the world to explore vector-native technology. You’ll hear from industry innovators and learn how to get ahead with cutting-edge technologies, including time-series analytics and our new vector database, KDB.AI.

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Learn from industry-leading executives and decision-makers who drive innovation and achieve remarkable results. From optimizing trading strategies to enhancing customer experiences, discover use cases that inspire your own projects.

Discover the future of generative AI and LLMs

Uncover the game-changing fusion of cloud technology with Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs). We’ll discuss how you can add time relevance to your LLMs, enable data calculations, extend search history, and more.

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Exchange insights, form partnerships, and build valuable relationships in the community. Join us and be a part of a dynamic global network of data-driven innovators.

KDB.AI is a game-changer for AI applications.

KDB.AI is a powerful knowledge-based vector database and search engine that allows developers to build scalable, reliable, and real-time applications. With advanced search, recommendation, and time relevance capabilities.