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kdb Cheetah

At the heart of all KX technology is kdb – the world’s fastest time series database and real time analytics engine. kdb enables application builders to add real-time capabilities to Python workloads, SQL queries, AI, and ML tools.

kdb Insights Enterprise

Enables developers and data scientists with an enterprise ready time series data analytics engine for MLOps, AI and other data-driven workloads. Also available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
  • Built on kdb+​
  • Multi-cloud, hybrid and on prem​
  • Elastic scalability​
  • IAM & Auth​
  • Friendly UI + q, SQL & Python
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kdb Insights

Cloud-first and SQL-enabled kdb that's built for engineers and data science teams with full support for PyKX our Python native interface, and native integration with standard programming languages.
  • Built on kdb+​
  • Object Storage and REST support​
  • Turbo charge python workloads with speed, simplicity and scale with PyKX - our Python native interface
  • Program in SQL and q
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The world’s fastest time series database and analytics engine that’s made for developers. The kdb+ Personal Edition license is valid for personal use only. The license requires an internet connection.
  • Fastest query speed ​
  • In-memory compute engine​
  • Extreme scalability ​
  • Program in q
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