BWT Alpine F1® Team competes in the FIA Formula One World Championship™, the world’s most prestigious motorsport competition.

BWT Alpine F1 Racing Car - KX



INDUSTRY Automotive

The BWT Alpine F1 team headquarters are co-located in Enstone, England, for chassis and transmission, and Viry-Châtillon, France, for power unit development.

In 2021, the team finished a credible 5th place in the Constructor’s Championship with a victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

In The Factory

Provides a single source of data from the wind tunnel, test rigs, and dynos.

On The Track

Compare car telemetry to historical simulations in real-time.


In The Partner Community

Runs on Microsoft Azure for rapid deployment and scale.


BWT Alpine F1 Team wants to use data analytics to discover performance differentiators for an edge over competitors.


They sought to find new optimizations from their vast data resources by ingesting all their data into a single data store, analyzing and visualizing all their data in real-time, to be instantly accessible by engineers, irrespective of their physical location. They wanted to optimize on-track performance by comparing historical data models against the real-time telemetry data, powering more confidence in their dataset when making in-the-moment strategy decisions.


KX enables BWT Alpine F1 Team to capture data in real-time and present it to the users -in the way they want – so they can make decisions in-the-moment.


KX did a demonstration within half a day which met all of BWT Alpine F1 Team’s objectives. KX seamlessly complements the existing technology stack and partner community, running on Microsoft Azure, to deliver real-time data, on-demand, for processing, simulation, race strategies, and live telemetry. KX technology supports R&D projects enabling engineers to capture data from the wind tunnel, simulators, dynos, and testing rigs dispersed in the UK or France.

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Esteban Ocon of BWT Alpine F1 Team thanks KX

KX is the real-time data analytics partner to the BWT Alpine F1 Team that finished a highly credible 4th place in the Constructors Standings of the 2022 FIA Formula One World Championship™.

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