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    Unlimiting data.
    Limitless intelligence.


    Unlimiting data.
    Limitless intelligence.

    What is Kx Technology?

    The kdb+ database and Turing complete programming language q form the foundation of all Kx technology. With a data-first approach, the software has been focused on solving problems in high velocity, high volume industries for over 25 years. Explore more below about the key capabilities and differentiators of Kx software.

    Key Capabilities


    Kx software’s programming language q is a functional Language – ideal for working with Big Data as it encourages viewing functions as transformations to data and allows developers to stay focused on solving the problem at hand.


    Designed to be able to gracefully handle massive real-time streams of data, the software allows users to easily configure and create event driven architectures and workflows.

    Times series

    Native support for time-series operations vastly improves both the speed and performance of queries, aggregation and analysis of structured data.


    The ability to created windowed views of larger datasets is baked into the programming language q. Our powerful window-join functionality enables users to contextualise easily between data tables over entirely customisable windows.


    At Kx, our software has been designed from the start to be extremely efficient. Kx software is not only faster, it uses significantly less power compared to queries run on a fixed number of compute instances (as seen in other softwares).


    The worlds fastest time series database! Kdb+ is optimized for ingesting, analyzing, and storing massive amounts of structured data. The combination of the columnar database design and in-memory capabilities means Kx software offers greater speed and efficiency than typical relational databases.


    Kx software can handle millions of events and measurements per second, gigabytes to petabytes of historical data, all with nanosecond resolution, more efficiently and cost-effectively than any alternative technologies.


    We take data seriously! In Kx software tables are a first order datatype, allowing our users to always stay data-driven.


    Kx software is no doubt world-leading, but we don’t exist in a vacuum – our dedicated fusion team works tirelessly to provide open integration to and from other technologies.  Bi-directional communication with languages such as Python and R allows you to embed your favorite libraries and apply directly to the data.


    Functional programming also encourages creating elegant higher-order functions – leading to a neater, more easily supported code base!

    Filtration and Aggregation

    Being data focused, Kx software enables easy and flexible filtration and aggregation of massive amounts of data using qSQL, an SQL-like query syntax. Many of our customers work with petabytes of data!

    Combined Architecture

    One software for real-time, streaming and historical data analytics. A user created general purpose function can be applied just as easily to real-time, streaming or historical data since they all use q the programming language at the heart of Kx software.

    Columnar database

    Much of the performance and efficiency of Kx Software derives from the columnar database structure. This structure means only the data that is required by the user is retrieved from the database in the first place!

    Where can I find more information?

    Use Cases

    Read more about how Kx software is being used and the sorts of problems it is solving.

    Overview of the software

    See the technology in action and up close and personal in this short 10 minute introductory video.

    Developer Documentation

    The golden source for all documentation, including our advanced whitepapers and developer tools.

    Getting started

    Ready to get hands on? Feel free to download the software for non-commercial purposes here, and all documentation and installation instructions can be found at

    If you want to accelerate the learning process, please consider signing up for one of our free introductory workshops (fully remote) which are run across multiple time zones.


    Kx offers both a free 64-bit on-demand version of kdb+ and a free 32-bit version, both for non-commercial use. The differences between the two versions are itemized in the table below. Feel free to download either one, or both by clicking below.

    Kx Streaming Analytics Features

    If you are interested in licensing kdb+ for commercial use, or embarking on a proof of concept project, please email

    64-bit Personal Edition (on demand)

    32-bit Personal Edition

    Developer Resources


    Kx offers a wide variety of licensing options for its time-series, in-memory database platform kdb+ that are designed to suit different workloads and operational requirements. The table below illustrates the conventional availability of the kdb+ system. In the event that you do not see an option that meets your needs, or if you are a startup company, please feel free to email or use the contact form and we will be most happy to talk through your specific requirements.

    Learn more about Kx Streaming Analytics v4.5

    Notes  – *Academic licenses are available for non-commercial research and teaching.

    For additional information on license terms please contact us at

    32-bit Personal Edition
    64-bit Personal Edition (on demand)
    Non-Expiring Cores
    Subscription cores
    On Demand

    Upcoming kdb+ Training

    As we monitor the ongoing global situation regarding COVID-19, we have decided to host our workshops and training on a digital platform to continue to deliver our training to the Kx Community worldwide.

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