Success in the Financial Services sector depends on data! A deep and rich analysis of vast quantities of streaming and historical data empowers many of the world’s most ambitious companies to react in a microsecond and find profit from the slightest and most transient of margins. Supporting the research into algorithms, testing models, proving hypotheses, or simply reducing the time wasted on data-wrangling, KX has been the heartbeat of Quant Research and Wall Street for nearly 30 years.



Faster time to model

Ingest, store, manage, analyze and effortlessly visualize vast volumes of data at scale and speed, using familiar tools and existing libraries to leverage the capabilities of the world’s fastest time-series database and analytics engine (kdb+ / q).

Better performing Quant strategies 

Build and deliver algorithms that are better informed, modeled, tested, and more successful than your competitors – crafted upon insights from streaming market data and enriched with historical pricing patterns from virtually any data resource.

Measure performance and impact  

Better informed equals better outcomes. CEP, fast aggregation, and real-time analytics of market data reduce latency and eliminate the delay of batch. Highly flexible dashboards deliver continuous insight and accelerate the path to Alpha. 


Right Data, Right Time. Four Ways Quants Can Optimize Their Data Analytics Ecosystem

This eBook explores how quantitative analysts can find insights – and Alpha – faster, by leveraging the Right Data at the Right Time, incorporating streaming and historical data onto a single data platform, and supercharging Python and SQL models.


Ingests, enriches, and analyses multiple data sources better informed and expedited trading strategies and execution. 


Delivers analytics and insights for accelerated Quant and data science research, modeling, and trading. 


Performs analytics at the speed required for high-frequency trading, decision-making, and automated action. 


Scales to support the ever-growing data volumes from traditional and new markets. 


Reduces regulatory breaches with continuous trade, market, and behavior surveillance. 

How KX Addresses the Data Management and Analytics Needs of the Financial Services Sector

How KX Addresses the Data Management and Analytics Needs of the Financial Services Sector

ADSS Real Time Data Platform - KX

ADSS leverages KX real-time data platform to accelerate its transformational growth strategy.


The ever-present challenge for ADSS is to ensure confidence in its data and that insights can be acted on in the shortest possible time frame. Discover more on how ADSS is constantly gathering and analyzing data to deliver better customer service, drive enhanced outcomes for clients, increase operational efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance.

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For developers, data scientists, quants, and business leaders with applications and algorithms that require continuous and contextual intelligence, kdb Insights accelerates your speed to business value.
It’s designed for agility and scalability, to run anywhere with extensive data science language integrations and easy interoperability with any data source.   kdb Insights is integrated to deliver richer analytics at scale and speed, by ingesting, managing, analyzing, and visualizing all your data on one platform, enriching real-time streaming data with historical context for best-informed decision intelligence. And it’s proven to deliver fast ROI, with STAC and Yahoo Streaming benchmarks exceeding competitors’ performance, and independent analysts’ studies indicating 315% ROI realized on average in 3 months.


Optimize Your Algo Trading Models: Tick Data Best Practices 

If you’re making fast decisions using large tick data volumes, then this webinar will help equip you with the tools you need to optimize your tick environment.

Single Data Platform

KX delivers a unified platform for amalgamated data storage, giving easy access to analytical querying and seamlessly adding context of historical depth to the resulting decision intelligence.

With KX storing, managing, analyzing, enriching, and visualizing all your target data on a single unified platform, you’ll reduce the need for transferring data, avoid batch related delays, applications will access target data faster, data processing will be easier to manage, and you can query to the lowest granularity of raw data – in real-time.

Trading Line Graph - KX

Modelling & Data Science Acceleration

Working with KX gives Data Scientists the freedom to choose where to write the business logic – without the restraints of an unfamiliar toolset.

With Python and SQL integrated into the database, models natively run within KX, and workloads are supercharged. Applications and trading strategies can be developed using native Python KX API or ANSI SQL – accelerated by the world’s fastest time-series database and analytic engine (kdb+ / q). With KX, performance is improved, data movement eliminated, latency reduced, and duplication avoided

Develop with Scale and Speed

Fully integrated for richer analytics at scale and speed without impacting performance, KX enables quants to ingest, store, manage, analyze, enrich, and visualize enormous streaming and historical data resources data in real-time.

Proven to manage millions of events per second, KX easily scales to manage instances of high volatility. Delivering the flexibility of cloud with the speed of the world’s fastest time-series database, data scientists can analyze more data more quickly, do more analytics, and execute them more often with KX than any other means.

Step-up to Streaming Analytics

KX performs CEP (Complex Event Processing) on a single unified platform – ingesting, combining, and enriching enormous data volumes from multiple sources, including streaming and tick data. Managing and querying multiple data sources faster – data in-flight and in-memory – KX removes the inefficiencies of running repeated queries, eliminates data-loading bottlenecks, and significantly lowers latency

Moving from an ETL to an ELT (Extract – Load – Transform) paradigm and analyzing more data – in real-time – integrates streaming data sources and accelerates the time to insight and value.






Unleash the power of the world’s fastest streaming data analytics platform.