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KXperts posses a deep passion and expertise in kdb and vector databases. Their main goal is to help you become more proficient with our technology. Their knowledge is only exceeded by their passion to help you. Our KXperts produce videos, technical blogs, tutorials and more to help build a robust KX Community. Follow them on LinkedIn to join regular livestreams and get tips and tricks on your feed!

Photo of Michaela Woods
Michaela Woods

Developer Advocate

Photo of Michael Ryaboy
Michael Ryaboy

Developer Advocate

Photo of Ryan Siegler
Ryan Siegler

Data Scientist

Photo of Laura Kerr
Laura Kerr

Community Management Lead

Photo of Megan McParland
Megan McParland

Community Manager

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Community KXperts

Community KXperts are non-KX employees that are active contributors to the KX Universe. They are hand- selected from KX as certified experts in kdb technology, and volunteer their time to help users solve the world’s most challenging time series data problems.


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