KX and [ui!] deliver advanced data management and analytics for smart city solution provider ENE.HUB

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INDUSTRY Smart City Infrastructure


Founded in Australia in 2013 out of a desire to help shape the growing push to use technology and data to improve urban life for people, powered by KX solutions, ENE.HUB is a smart city infrastructure provider with operations in Australia, the United States, and Japan.

ENE.HUB plans, builds, maintains and manages networks of smart infrastructure that help city authorities monitor and control a range of environmental, social, and connectivity services. Its IoT data and analytics platform ‘e3’ allows for real-time visualization of data and sophisticated data analysis so new use cases can be simply and effectively developed, ultimately empowering authorities to improve their operations and increase efficiencies for their communities.


For smart city services to work well, they need to respond immediately to changing conditions, like how much traffic there is, air pollution, water levels, and many other things.

Additionally, cities constantly evolve and have different systems that generate data in various formats. ENE.HUB needed a platform for real-time analytics that could manage the large amount of data being generated and also be able to grow, adapt to change, and be secure.


KX provides real-time visualization of data and sophisticated data analysis by ingesting, capturing, processing, and analyzing data in real-time and comparing it with historical data sets for advanced analysis and faster, better decision-making.

KX also delivered enterprise-grade levels of security and continuity of service, ensuring [ui!] can deliver against SLAs and constantly develop smart city services in communications, energy, environment, transport, security, and media.


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Data sets from various systems are seamlessly ingested, managed, analyzed, and visualized.


Process and analyze large volumes of time-series machine-generated data at scale and speed.


deployed in 35 municipalities with an expectation to double by 2024.

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