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Kx for Surveillance Product Overview

Discover how Kx for Surveillance enables regulators, exchanges and industry practitioners to monitor trading integrity and efficiency.

Regulators and exchanges scrutinize member trading activity for signs of manipulation, collusion or insider trading that may undermine market integrity. Brokers do likewise, searching for similar activity that may undermine their very existence. A common requirement of both is to capture, store and process vast amounts of data, both structured and unstructured, in nanosecond timeframes to detect such malpractice and a system to do it requires the best in technology, design and domain expertise.

Kx provides all three in its market proven solution, Kx for Surveillance.

Technology: Powered by Kx technology, the high-performance database that is used by the largest investment banks and hedge funds for high frequency, low-latency algorithmic trading.

Design: Built on Streams for Kx, a proven CEP solution providing capabilities for real-time data capture, storage and analysis. It also provides users with a framework to develop and deploy customized analytics that quickly perform complex calculations on enormous volumes of data.

Expertise: Kx solutions have been developed by experts in technology to achieve the low-latency, high performance and high-availability profile that a Surveillance solution requires.

Additionally, on the business side, it incorporates the design, insight and practical experience of people who know the Surveillance market, speak its language and understand its requirements – people who have built trading solutions, worked on exchanges and know market practices.