Kdb+ Support Services

Support is typically the most time-critical component of an application’s lifecycle. Issues arising during the development phase may affect project deadlines but the impact of those arising in production can extend to the business’s P/L and its reputation. Swift diagnosis and resolution of issues is of paramount importance when users and downstream processes are dependent on the system. Therefore, timely and comprehensive support is vital. Kx offers a range of annual support contracts and coverage options in terms of timezone and on-site/off-site presence.

Benefits of Kx Technology Support

  • Cost Effective: We can guarantee to save you significant development time with the support service. An issue can stall development for days or possibly weeks we can resolve immediately. In a large percentage of cases code supplied via a support ticket completes a major piece of development in a matter of minutes.
  • Security: Whilst it is possible to send support questions to public Kx forums and list boxes these are public forums and offer no security. The Kx online support is a totally secure medium for exchange of market sensitive information.
  • Guaranteed Response: Kx guarantees a response to all issues raised. Such reliability cannot be assumed from volunteer-based list boxes and support forums and its absence can compromise IT departments who may have internal SLAs with business units.
  • Access to the best collective group of q programmers worldwide: Kx support queries are distributed to all our Kx consultants where the most qualified person for any given issue generally provides an answer. This results in a faster turnaround time for responses.
  • Online History of Support Issues: Our online Quality Manager maintains a history of all support questions for each customer

At Kx we are passionate evangelists of the power of kdb+ and nowhere is this better illustrated than in our library of kdb+ Technical White Papers  (http://code.kx.com/q/developer/) which are publicly available. These papers offer expertise on topics such as multi-threading, efficient use of adverbs, gateway design and analysis of multi-partitioned kdb+ databases.

Kdb+ Support