The kdb+ database, with its built-in programming language q, is limitless in its applications and proven by developers around the world, who are constantly finding new uses for it. Some focus on its streaming-analytics. Others simply use its historical database to give order to their large-scale data problems. The kdb+ database system is the foundation of Kx technology, which builds on the legacy of vector programming languages. Listening to kdb+ developers, we are constantly expanding its functionality. If you are a developer looking to learn more about kdb+/q, visit code.kx.com.



• Q is a vector-based functional paradigm programming language built into the kdb+ database.
• Further extended with qSQL, a superset of SQL, it supports time-series data types as well as joins, windowing and temporal and bitemporal aggregation and arithmetic.
• Above the time-series data types it has native support for dictionaries tables and key tables as a first class datatype, not as a plug in or after thought like other technologies.
• It is an ultrafast, compact interpreted environment, that entirely fits in the CPU's cache.


• Kdb+ is a jaw droppingly fast time-series columnar database with a built-in programming language called q. It is an SQL-like relational database that fully supports key value pairs. It is uniquely deployable as a streaming engine, an in-memory database and an historical database in one. Lambda/HTAP architecture is easily configurable out of the box.
• Kdb+ also has native support for time-series data types, dictionaries, tables and key tables as first class datatypes.


• The kdb+ database has an extensive array of supported connections, including ODBC [V3] and JDBC, to enable seamless connectivity to legacy database products
• Native support for web connectivity including HTTP, HTTPS, SSL/TLS, JSON, and WebSockets.
• Bi-directional communication with languages such Python and R allows you to embed your favorite libraries into q code.
• Further interfaces are available for C/C++, C#, Java, Javascript are supported along with a plethora of additional languages made available on our Github page.


• There is a free licensed version of 64-bit kdb+ available for non-commercial use at ondemand.kx.com. There is also a free 32-bit version of kdb+ available for non-commercial as a download here.
• Kx has comprehensive documentation for kdb+ and q at code.kx.com, including an online version of the the book “Q for Mortals, Version 3, An Introduction to Q Programming” by Jeffry Borror.
• Registered users are able to participate in a closed forum providing direct contact channels to the Kx development team and other users. Also check out the public Google Group’s Kdb+ Personal Developers forum for kdb+ discussions and problem solving.
• Community contributions can be found on Github and there is a thriving Kx Community Meetup network in fifty countries.
Kx Technology


The basis for Kx Technology is a unique integrated platform which includes a high-performance historical time-series columnar database called kdb+, an in-memory compute engine, and a real-time streaming processor all unified with an expressive query and programming language called q.

Designed from the start for extreme scale, and running on industry standard servers, the kdb+ database has been proven to solve complex problems faster than any of its competitors.


Kx's core technology, the kdb+ time-series database, is renowned for its computational speed and performance, as well as the simplicity of its architecture for large-scale data analytics.

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