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KX Community: The go-to network for support and collaboration on real-time data analytics

KX Community: The go-to network for support and collaboration on real-time data analytics

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5 October 2021
by Laura Kerr, KX Technical Evangelist
KX is fast becoming the streaming analytics platform of choice for organisations across the globe. With its unique ability to ingest, store and analyze real-time streaming data as well as historic data, companies across telecommunications, manufacturing, automotive, finance and utilities are using KX to drive decision intelligence.

To help organisations and individuals harness the full power of KX we’ve launched the KX Community, the go-to destination for new and experienced KX users alike. Its goal is to expand the platform’s accessibility by providing a forum for experienced users to share knowledge with other experts and to pass that knowledge and support onto new users.

Recent research from KX shows 90% of firms are planning to invest in real-time data technologies to remain competitive. However, 49% of those firms need better access to the right skills and technologies to take full advantage of those investments and get to grips with world-class leading technologies such as KX.

With over 2,700 registered users and 10,000 unique posts already on the platform, the KX Community provides such a service, extending access to the game-changing technology and giving expert help and assistance when it’s needed.

Support when you need it
A big part of KX Community is real-time support from KX experts ready to answer queries from novices and experts alike. Experienced KX experts provide real-time support and knowledge to new users. KX Employees can be identified by the ‘KX’ next to their name and are on hand around the clock to provide immediate responses. For users in the Community, the benefits are already palpable:

My life at work has improved a lot since the release of the KX Community portal. The portal is a userfriendly tool that put me in touch with fellow q developers and KX Platform users which in turn reduced the amount of time for getting clarification on my advanced questions. – Adriano, Urban Institute

A full team of moderators is also in operation to ensure content adheres to the Community guidelines and stays on topic. They also act on any instances where users require additional assistance, such as escalating a customer issue to KX technical support.

Championing the experts
KX Community awards ranking points and badges to users according to how much they contribute to the platform and engage with other users by creating new threads, posting solutions and interacting with others’ posts. The highest-ranking contributors gain recognition for their expertise by becoming super-users and are added to the Community’s public leader board.

The Community offering will be further bolstered with the upcoming launch of KX Academy: a self-serve on demand training portal with instructor-led videos, hosted online notebooks and a sandbox environment to test out what’s been learned with no install required. On completion of KX Academy courses, users will be awarded Community badges by way of recognition of their KX Certification.

Together, the always-on platforms, KX Community and KX Academy, will be game changers for KX training: equipping users with the tools and knowledge needed to take the power of the world’s fastest streaming analytics technology to the next level.

You can join the KX Community today: https://community.kx.com/

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