Reference Architecture for Google Cloud

3 June 2021

By Ferenc Bodon

The recent release of KX Insights helps clients leverage cloud-native technologies in the deployment of their kdb+ based applications, enabling them to combine the power of KX with the elasticity of the cloud.  As well as direct access to object storage, authentication services, flexible logging and REST API connectivity it provides interfaces for deployment and common ‘Devops‘ orchestration tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, etc.

KX Insights operates on all public and private clouds, and on-premises too where required, giving flexible portability across vendors and supporting hybrid configurations. In this paper, the first of a series, we outline a reference architecture of kdb+ tick on the Google Cloud Platform.

And the good news is you can install KX Insights today!  Just visit our partner marketplaces to avail of all the benefits of our cloud-native platform for developing real-time insights for your business

Click here to view the reference architecture for Google Cloud Platform.