Kx Systems

Big time-series Data

Power. Flexibility. Access.

Kx software offers a wide range of benefits for enterprises with massive data access needs, such as utility companies, financial services organizations, pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and more.

Start with the fastest time-series database available — and its robust associated query language — for real-time and historical data in applications ranging from smart meter data analysis and biostatistical research to trading, risk management, and compliance.

Add a spectrum of supplementary offerings — from free, Kx-provided evaluations, to proofs of concept, consulting, and training offered by our partners — to help customers utilize the products to their fullest, and to draw the maximum advantage possible for their business.

And finally, provide a straightforward, core-based licensing arrangement, automatic product updates, and even a free, trial use of the database for any purpose.

This is Kx software.


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The q language.
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The 32-bit version of kdb+ is freely available for use, and is ideal for learning the q programming language.