Utilities & Internet of Things

Kx for Sensors provides a high-performance, cost-effective sensor and meter data historian and analytics platform. Using Kx for Sensors, utilities and application solutions providers gain situational awareness, with the ability to make real-time decisions across operations, business and customer facing systems.

  • Support real-time, streaming and historical data, including bitemporal master/reference data
  • Connect to any data source: sensor, meter, asset, customer, transformer
  • Ingest, process, validate, and estimate sensor and meter data
  • Analyze, explore, visualize, alert, and report
  • Integrate with and power operations, IT, billing, and settlement systems
  • Deploy applications and data on premises or in the cloud


The ever-increasing number of connected devices, sensors and tags is creating large amounts of data to process, analyze and store. Traditional utility systems struggle with the bottlenecks which emanate from this new abundance of data. Powered by the world’s fastest time-series database, kdb+, Kx for Sensors handles millions of events and measurements per second with nanosecond precision, whilst simultaneously managing gigabytes to petabytes of historical data with ease.

  • Ingest and process 4.5 million sensor measurements and events per second per core
  • Validate and estimate sensor and meter data at millions of readings per second
  • Aggregate billions of measurement records in seconds
  • Fulfill query responses in microseconds
  • Store and analyze trillions of records
  • Scale both vertically and horizontally
  • Address performance challenges and limitations to enhance your legacy systems and historians
  • Provide analysis, alerts and reports on streaming and historical data
  • Visualize and explore your data with a comprehensive suite of graphical tools and dashboards
  • Exploit powerful OLAP drill-down capabilities with low-latency response
  • Combine historical and real-time data for fault and anomaly detection, and make more timely and accurate predictions
  • Analyze data from millions of devices combined with weather, generation and asset data in order to forecast consumption and predict asset failures and events
  • Analyze data from assets to identify faults, predict potential failures and plan maintenance
Utility IT/OT Processes

Kx for Sensors provides functionality to power the next generation of utility analytics applications and systems, including; ADMS, Settlement, Meter Data Management, OMS and high performance data warehouses or data marts. With Kx for Sensors:

  • Process complex events, perform aggregations, and provide alerts and reports
  • Validate, estimate, filter, and cleanse to deliver data for billing and operation purposes
  • Synchronize master and reference data with billing, asset and other systems
  • Maintain a bitemporal model of assets, sensors, services and relationships enabling historical analysis of events and activities.
  • Integrate with billing, settlement, outage, asset, market and customer engagement systems
  • Manage data with security, auditing, logging, on-line archive and compression functions
  • Integrate with legacy systems and multiple data sources, allowing you to either augment or replace existing historians
  • Extend and customize your data analytics application to support your unique requirements
  • Use a connector framework to integrate with IT/OT systems, including SCADA, AMI, MDM, OMS, MDM, EMS, and ADMS
  • APIs for .NET, Java, C, C++, Python, R, ODBC, Matlab, and Excel
  • APIs for synchronizing master and reference data with other systems, including assets, locations, sensors and sensor measurements, with built in-audit trails
Internet of Things
  • Perform analytics at the point where data is collected. Only collecting the data which has been determined to be useful by the tag or sensor
  • Complex Event Processing (CEP) can be performed on the data drawn in from these sensors on the ‘edge’ with sub-millisecond CEP latencies
  • Data can be forwarded securely to a centralized location for consolidated analysis and situational awareness
  • Due to its light footprint (600kb), Kx can perform CEP and store data locally when installed on smaller appliances and industrial IoT gateways