Utilities & Internet of Things

Kx delivers the highest-performance and most cost-effective sensor data management platform available for utilities, telecommunications, manufacturing and Internet of Things applications.

Kx for Sensors is an integrated platform for ingesting, processing, validating, estimating and analyzing real-time, streaming and historical data from IoT, sensors and enterprise systems. It is fully extensible for organizations to power their existing and new IoT and sensor analytics.


Kx for Sensors, by converging real-time and historical data processing and analytics, helps organizations:

  • Identify and act on insights orders of magnitude more quickly than alternatives
  • Deliver new and innovative analytics products using our application and analytics development platform, with APIs, extensible sensor data model
  • Ingest, process and analyze streaming (real-time ) and batch sensor and related data, including customer, operations, and billing data
  • Validate, estimate, filter, and cleanse sensor and related data
  • Synchronize master and reference data with billing, asset and other systems
  • Support any sensor measurement, measurement frequency, tags and attributes, with nanosecond precision and time-based aggregations
  • Process complex events, perform aggregations, build alerts and reports on sensor data
  • Provide alerts, reports and rich visualizations on streaming, historical data and analytics
  • Manage their data through enterprise features, including multi-tenancy, security, auditing, logging, on-line archive and compression
Performance & Scalability

The increasing numbers of devices, sensors, tags, and measurements is creating significant challenges for organizations to process, analyze and store the massive volumes of data they create.

With Kx, organizations are able to scale from thousands to hundreds of millions of devices and sensors, with any measurement frequency, at extreme levels of performance. For example, with one server Kx is able to:

  • Ingest and process millions of sensor measurements and events per second per core
  • Aggregate billions of measurement records in seconds
  • Fulfill query responses in microseconds
  • Store and analyze trillions of records
  • Process and analyze data from millions of smart meters combined with weather, generation and asset data in order to forecast consumption and predict asset failures and events on the power system
  • Make data available to authorized users and customers through mobile, web and APIs
  • Provide billing quality data to utility billing, settlement and market systems
  • Analyze and correlate events and call detail records in real-time, generate alerts and trigger business process actions
  • Assess the state and performance of each node and services across the network
  • Support millions to hundreds of millions of nodes
  • Analyze call patterns, routing statistics and transaction activity to identify non-standard events, usage, transactions and make predictions
Manufacturing & IoT
  • Perform analytics at the point where data is collected. Only collecting the data which has been determined to be useful by the tag or sensor
  • Complex Event Processing (CEP) can be performed on the data drawn in from these sensors on the ‘edge’ with sub-millisecond CEP latencies
  • Data can be forwarded securely to a centralized location for consolidated analysis and situational awareness
  • Due to its light footprint (600kb), Kx can perform CEP and store data locally when installed on smaller appliances and industrial IoT gateways