Kx solutions are world-renowned for their ultra-fast speed and extreme performance in building Big Data warehouses, analytic tools and rich visualizations. Kx for Retail offers a compelling blend of software and solutions, advanced analytics and expert retail consultancy.

Our working model focuses not only on building solutions, but also on providing accompanying expertise to integrate into businesses and build simple and usable tools.

Our services range from providing and implementing technology solutions, through providing fully mobilized data scientists dedicated to bringing your data to life.

Big Data Platform

Retail creates huge volumes of data through all stages of the consumer purchase and engagement cycle. From research online, through to electronic point of sales (EPOS) systems, vast amounts of data needs to be stored, processed and analyzed to drive optimized business decision making. Kx for Retail can deliver all of this, enabling you to leverage all your data in one place. Kx for Retail can sit at any level of the technology stack, combining all key data sources and existing infrastructure to deliver the most efficient and flexible tools for ultra-high-speed processing of real-time streaming and historical data.

Real-time BI and Visualization

The digitization of retail and commerce has led to huge amounts of data being collected and made available to retailers in addition to the vast amounts of existing EPOS and customer data. Utilizing Kx technology, we design and implement Big Data business intelligence solutions that deliver the capability to slice, report, and visualize data in one platform that can sit on top of huge data warehouses. Retail is all about making decisions quickly. The ability to do speedy analytics on real-time raw data sources without the need for time-consuming data querying and manipulation is hugely beneficial to teams across all areas of retail. Whether it’s for executive management information, or for store managers to understand minute-by-minute performance in their own stores, our platform is designed to deliver real-time insight.

Advanced Analytics

Data and real-time decision-making can lead to efficiencies and optimization across all key aspects of retail. We have powerful tools that when plugged into your data, provide immediate benefits including: range optimization, merchandising, supply chain optimization, customer analytics and segmentation, pricing optimization and algorithmic pricing, marketing, and performance media optimization. We also have a flexible analytics consultancy model that can suit all business requirements. We can provide analytic consultants for any sized projects to help you unlock the potential in your retail data. Operating on-site, embedded in your team, or working remotely, we can work with your data and tools or help you build solutions using Kx technology.

Customer Journey Solutions

The consumers’ route to engagement or purchase is often not a straightforward one. Today few retailers are connecting the key data sources to fully understand the customer journey. Changes in consumer behavior, such as a move to search for products on mobile devices, is creating a wealth of data that now lets retailers track a shopper across multiple levels of the buying cycle and engage at different points of the customer journey in real-time.

Kx for Retail has solutions for connecting data across multiple channels and engagement touch-points, creating a truly customer-centric approach to drive conversion. We build multi-channel platforms to provide journey diagnostics and behavioral drivers to help understand customer pain points with prioritization for streamlining the route to conversion.

Our solutions provide the capability for real-time tracking and automation through visual dashboards, alerts, predictive algorithms and machine learning journey optimization. Crucially, we implement the capability to empower in-house customer experience and insight functions to deliver world-class customer journey optimization.

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Marketing Optimization

Kx technology’s ability to both integrate multiple data sources, and make the most effective use of data through intelligent machine-learned decisions, makes it ideal for data preparation and marketing analytics. Kx provides a cost effective solution enabling your business to have the best possible data for designing campaigns at the least possible cost. Kx software is "infrastructure-lite" and compatible with all key data sources and integrated ad-technology platforms, including DoubleClick. Kx enables businesses to leverage their own customer and product data, coupled with digital content, to ensure you have a campaign optimized around your own margin and customer loyalty. Our Prelytix software has the ability to improve campaigns in real time, switching spend across performance media channels, making Kx a must-have solution for all businesses aiming to maximize their digital marketing budget.

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