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Cloud-native development and delivery of powerful real-time insights on streaming and historical data with unlimited scalability and zero maintenance.

KX Insights is a cloud-native platform for critical real-time performance and continuous actionable intelligence. Using complex event processing, high-speed analytics and machine learning interfaces, it enables fast decision-making and automated responses to events in fractions of a second.

Cloud-Driven Insights for Real-Time Decision Making 

It’s not just storage and compute elasticity that have moved to the cloud. It’s everything: data, tools, development, security, connectivity, operations, maintenance. KX can help you leverage that power to make smarter, more insightful decisions by integrating real-time analytics into your business operations.

KX Insights leverages industry standards to ensure openness and interoperability with other technologies in order to deliver insights faster and more cost-effectively. It operates a microservices-based architecture for capturing, storing and processing high-volume, high-velocity data using cloud standards, services, and protocols. By tapping the power of cloud-native technologies like serverless deployments, Docker and Kubernetes, it enables developers to focus on business functionality rather than worrying about hardware infrastructure and deployment environments. The result is fast, flexible, scalable access to data-driven insights throughout your organization.

Quick to deploy and easy to operate across all cloud environments, public and private, KX Insights enables you to put those benefits into action, now.

KX Insights Data Sheet

Cloud-Native Design and Operation

Development agility is empowering business agility, as the cloud transforms how services are developed, deployed and maintained.

KX Insights is designed to natively leverage best-practice cloud standards, services and protocols for developing and operating business solutions.

  • Units of functionality are delivered as microservices, self-contained units that can be quickly and easily orchestrated into applications, all benefiting automatically from the supporting scalability and fault-tolerance of the cloud
  • Building upon open standards like Docker and Kubernetes provides both portability across cloud environments and deployment robustness to support regular updates on a Continuous Development/Continuous Integration (CD/CI) paradigm
  • Adopting cloud-native best practices for security, access control and messaging increases interoperability and simplifies integration, while standards-based logging and monitoring protocols simplify support and maintenance

This combination of faster development, service reuse and streamlined delivery transforms the software development lifecycle and enables quicker insights and response to business opportunities.




While KX offers a single-stack solution to support the complete data analytics life-cycle from ingestion to processing and visualization, it also provides interfaces to other databases, languages and messaging layers that enable organizations to reuse existing tools and skillsets for faster time to results.

  • Database connectivity based on widely used open standards enables reuse of existing queries and simplifies migration to KX. Examples include:
    • ANSI SQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • ODBC
    • JDBC
  • Interfaces to third-party languages enable developers to accelerate delivery by reusing existing libraries and functionality. APIs include:
    • Python
    • R
    • MatLab
    • C/C++
    • Java
  • KX integrates with middleware like Solace and Kafka for message delivery and connecting to machine learning platforms like Keras and TensorFlow.


  • REST APIs provide for easy, open connectivity and integration with supporting microservices that make it easy to connect and combine the functionality of KX and other technologies via discovery services and OpenAPI protocols.



This openness, through standards-based integration, enables organizations to preserve the value of existing investments and technical skills in other areas and accelerate solution development through code reuse and industry-standard interconnectivity.





Leveraging cloud-native big data stores

KX Insights works natively with object storage, giving clients easy and cost-effective access to third-party storage from the major cloud providers. Easy because eliminates the need for third-party plugins or conversion tools and lets user load or save data directly. Cost-effective because object store is multiple times cheaper than regular storage.

Leveraging its REST interface for quick, easy, authenticated access to 3rd party data stores, KX Insights can create and populate new tables and datasets, execute queries, view results and transform data to kdb+ format for optimal processing. In addition, data management microservices for storing and retrieving data make it easier to manage data throughout its lifecycle, removing the need for consumers to develop complex access, tracking and location mechanisms.


KX Dashboards for streaming analytics enable you to query, transform, share and present live data insights in real time.


With 3rd party integration, an SDK for custom visualization, hardware-accelerated rendering for faster display time and an extensive range of native display options, KX Dashboards enable solutions for surveillance, financial charting, sensor monitoring and more.

The combination of real-time analysis on incoming data, coupled with historical data that provides valuable context, enables swift, accurate decision-making based on continuously enriched insights.


KX AutoML helps users to automate the process of applying machine learning techniques to real-world problems and opens up machine learning capabilities to a wider audience.

The AutoML framework provides a complete machine learning workflow, including pre-processing, feature engineering, model selection/optimization and report generation. Follow this link to see how it can be used to solve regression problems using the FRESH algorithm.


While cloud-first, we are not cloud-only. We recognize that, for a variety of reasons, some data and some services may have to remain on-premises.

For that reason, KX Insights can integrate with existing on-premises installations and operate over public, private and hybrid environments. This level of flexibility allows workloads to be distributed accordingly to preferred platforms of choice while future-proofing for any future cloud migration needs.


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KX Insights is licensed on a subscription basis that eliminates capex, provides continuous upgrades and supports pay-as-you-use billing.

Available now on the main cloud providers’ marketplaces.

For more information on KX Insights, please read our datasheet.




Leveraging the kdb+ time-series database, KX Insights for extremely high performance.

KX Insights is built on kdb+, an ultra-high-performance time series relational and columnar database designed for rapid analytics on large-scale datasets in motion and at rest. The columnar design of kdb+ means it offers greater speed and efficiency than typical relational databases and its native support for time-series operations vastly improves both the speed and performance of queries, aggregation, and analysis of structured data.

Kdb+ is unique among popular databases because it operates directly on the data in the database, removing the need to ship data to other applications for analysis. Highly interoperable with other programming languages, kdb+ supports an extensive range of storage options, interfaces, and open APIs for easy connectivity to third-party systems and technologies. 

Utilizes kdb+, the world’s fastest time series database

Cloud-native architecture for ingestion, storage, and analytics on high-volume, high-velocity data

Handles extreme mission critical volumes of data
at scale

Combines historical data with real-time in relevant context for actionable insights

Runs on everything from small edge devices to cloud infrastructure

Our 5 Key Differentiating

Our 5 Key Differentiating

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