Kx for Flow is a powerful, market-neutral FX trading platform that gives a clear view of the marketplace through its graphically rich real-time visualizations. Flow’s built-in connectivity to the full liquidity market enables the creation of deep, customized liquidity pools. It supports Spot, Forwards, Swaps, NDFs, Metals and CFDs trading all through one system.


The Kx for Flow architecture provides high-performance round-trip processing which enables LPs to improve fill ratios and tighten pricing. The solution scales to maintain performance during peak market volatility.

Real-time, interactive analytics using streaming and historical data to address toxic flow and increase profitability.


Kx is a technology partner offering direct access to key liquidity sources including the world’s top market-making banks, non-banks and ECNs providing pricing and execution for FX, NDFs, metals and CFDs. Kx for Flow offers sophisticated liquidity management functionality, such as price spike filters and synthetic cross rate creation.

Smart Order Routing enables users to specify how orders get routed to Liquidity Providers (LPs) based on a variety of factors.

Kx for Flow can be delivered as a hosted solution within the NY4 or TY3 data centres, utilizing fibre cross connection to liquidity sources or deployed on-site.

State-of-the-art Trading GUI

Flexible HTML5 dashboards make it easy for brokers to dynamically filter and profile interactions between liquidity providers and end clients. Built-in features mean users can customize detailed profitability analytics combining streaming, real-time and historical trade and market data.