Profit & Loss: Using kdb+ to address TCA

15 Jan 2019 | , ,

Simon Wilson-Taylor, Head of EBS Institutional, CME Group, discusses the current issues around transaction cost analysis (TCA) and how using the best database can offer the right solution. Simon discusses how EBS Institutional was built upon the kdb+ database and how the technology is being used in other industries, including the F1 Aston Martin Red […]

BBC: AMRBR use Kx technology for sensor analytics and wind tunnel testing.

7 Nov 2017 | , , , , , ,

Clodagh Rice, reporter at BBC News NI, writes about the use of Kx technology by Red Bull Racing. The article outlines the new relationship between Kx’s parent company, First Derivatives, and Red Bull Racing and describes how Red Bull will be using Kx technology for  sensor analytics and wind tunnel testing. You can read the […]