Kx Systems Extends Streaming Intelligence with Kdb+ v2.4

18 Jun 2007 | , , ,
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Palo Alto (18 Jun 2007) – Kx Systems, leader in high-performance databases and timeseries analysis, today announced the latest release of the kdb+ low-latency database platform. kdb+ v2.4 supports the world’s largest financial firms — those handling as much as a billion time-ordered events a day — in obtaining instant intelligence from their streaming data.

kdb+ v2.4, the underlying database for Kx financial apps such as kdb+tick, includes extended multi-threading support for simultaneous users. The expanded ability to filter millions of messages per second enables firms to extract intelligence from data as it streams in, delivering instant business intelligence and offering a seamless transition between streaming and historical data. The new version of kdb+ doubles the application speeds for filtering and querying data streams such as market data feeds.

Other speed-enhancing features support realtime corrections on order book data as it is received and dynamic indices for nested data — enabling multiple streaming sorts for extremely fast, sophisticated analytics.

Because firms want to save their streaming data to history, kdb+ v2.4 includes features that support growing, multi-terabyte databases and can process over a billion market data records per day. Users can partition one day’s data across multiple local disk drives, preserving rapid parallel disk access for single day queries.

“Kx customers today capture and execute trades on a billion streaming events each day,” said Arthur Whitney, Kx CEO. “We enable them to filter and act on data in realtime so that they derive immediate intelligence from the messages streaming in. But we don’t stop at streaming data, because firms also need a seamless transition between streaming and historical data. The uniform architecture of kdb+ provides a single end-to-end data environment. Write queries once and use them on any type of data. It’s highly productive, because you can solve complex problems with elegance and simplicity.”

Kdb+ v2.4 is available worldwide for 64-bit Linux, Solaris, Windows and Mac OS X. It also fully supports multi-core chips out of the box.


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