Kx Systems Announces FTP Loader for NYSE TAQ Data

29 Oct 2002 | , , , , , ,
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Palo Alto (29 Oct 2002) – Kx Systems, leader in enabling financial firms to meet the challenges of acquiring and analyzing massive amounts of business data at high speeds, announced today its support for FTP downloads of NYSE trade and quote (TAQ) data directly into its Kx kdb/taq application. Kx added this capability to kdb/taq when the NYSE recently expanded NYSE TAQ data distribution to include end-of-day FTP downloads from the web — in addition to the exchange’s traditional end-of-month CD and DVD distribution.

By using the new kdb/taq FTP option, Kx customers can FTP the NYSE TAQ data directly into kdb/taq at the end of every trading day, enabling them to perform relational time-series analysis on billions of NYSE TAQ data records and obtain results in seconds. Independently of NYSE, Kx kdb/taq provides these analytical capabilities as value-added functions for NYSE TAQ subscribers.

“Unless NYSE TAQ subscribers are loading the data into an analytical database such as kdb/taq, they aren’t taking full advantage of the benefits of their TAQ data,” said Arthur Whitney, Kx Systems CTO. “Without kdb/taq, they are restricted to analyzing data in flat files—which severely limits the kinds of analysis that can be done. Or they must import the TAQ data into another database, which typically cannot handle the volumes of data at the analysis speeds desired by traders today.”

Kx introduced kdb/taq in 2001 in order to provide traders with the ability to perform high-speed loading of NYSE TAQ data. The updated version of kdb/taq loads from the NYSE’s daily FTP distribution, as well as from the NYSE’s monthly CDs and DVDs.

“We wanted to have kdb/taq support the new FTP downloads right away,” said Whitney, “because of the benefit to our customers of acquiring, storing and analyzing the latest NYSE TAQ data on a daily basis, instead of waiting 60 days for the prior month’s NYSE CD or DVD to arrive.”

Trade data volumes continue to expand, placing enormous pressure on systems and users that handle such data. “The NYSE floor is one of the most demanding compute environments on the globe,” said Larry Tabb, VP Securities & Practice at TowerGroup. “Every day 1.4 billion shares valued at $42 billion change hands. This volume has grown at over a 20% pace for nearly 20 years. This is not an environment where slow and steady wins the race. With competition coming from other global markets, alternative trading systems, and regional exchanges, the NYSE is squarely in the eye of the storm.”

The Kx kdb/taq solution helps users of NYSE data keep pace with increasing volumes. Kdb/taq, like other members of the Kx kdb high-performance database family, was designed to manage massive amounts of data and analyze it at near-time speeds.

Effective immediately, Kx has bundled the new FTP loader with kdb/taq. The price of the kdb/taq solution remains the same, and existing kdb/taq customers can get an updated version of the product from the company. Additional information on NYSE’s daily Trade and Quote data via FTP can be found on the NYSE web site.

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