Kx counts the top ten global investment banks among its customers and is now being adopted by many other sectors including utilities, automotive, manufacturing companies, research departments and other disciplines that rely on the ability to process vast data volumes and deliver high-speed analytics. On-going engagement with these customers in offering architectural and design workshops, training, support, and multi-location staff augmentation has led to the development of a range of services. Our data science pool includes some of the most talented kdb+ engineers in the world with many years of collective experience in developing, deploying and maintaining mission-critical solutions in top tier investment banks, large financial institutions, hedge funds and now across a broader sample of world-class organizations.

Extracting Actionable Insights

Our army of data scientists is at your disposal, to extract actionable insights that can then be used to achieve diverse business goals ranging from fraud detection to variance control. We have a broad team of data scientists, who build mathematical models, and data engineers, who make data available to data scientists as the “raw material” from which mathematical models are derived. In order to deploy these models and to produce business value, we have a dedicated machine learning practice. With ML engineers dedicated to model deployment, our data scientists are free to continually develop and refine their models.

An Agile Approach to Problem Solving

There is a common belief that insights are gained after a series of established stages, starting with business goals and ending with deployment, but in reality, the process is more iterative than linear. We have a spirit of learning and critical thinking. We have a well-designed team structure with a collaborative culture and an emphasis on communication. We have world-class recruitment, allied to a best-in-class training program for these resources.

The Perfect Mix

If your business agenda involves getting better at predicting outcomes or understanding relationships, our data scientists can help. We have built a team with data scientists who have the right type of skill sets: dedicated ML engineers who help data scientists deploy models in production and dedicated data engineers who help data scientists by making the data they need available to them. This perfect mix is the best way to get business results.



Operational intelligence helps companies make improved and faster decisions based on what is occurring now, what has occurred in the past, and what is predicted to take place in the future. Our solutions provide situational awareness by blending, processing and analyzing real-time and historical information to deliver operational intelligence and actionable insights. This intelligence is used to improve decision making: driving greater customer engagement, improved products and services, and improved efficiency at unprecedented levels of performance and volumes.



Organizations must respond to near-real-time business intelligence based on streams of data. This ability will have an increasing role in smart electrical grids, transportation operations management, national intelligence applications, and some kinds of sophisticated fraud detection, cross-selling and location services. 17 of the 20 largest institutions use kdb+ and Kx technology to capture opportunities in milliseconds. We are uniquely placed to deliver value from these event streams.



Widely deployed in the data science community, tools such as Analyst for Kx take much of the effort out of visualization, normalization, cleaning and data wrangling. Widely used native statistical libraries sit alongside the tightly coupled tools such as TensorFlow, Theano and Keras. Even your favorite Python libraries can be called directly from kdb+ code. For research, feature engineering and real-time classification and regression, Kx technology is ideal for predictive analytics across any velocity of data; real-time, mini-batch, through to petabytes of deep history, all are equally supported, and highly performant with Kx.

Our army of data scientists are at your disposal. To help you generate immediate actionable intelligence:

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