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In-Person Event | November 30, 2022 | 08:30 AM (GMT)

STAC Summit London


STAC Summit London - KX

Event Overview

STAC Summit London brings together CTOs and other industry leaders responsible for solution architecture, infrastructure engineering, application development, machine learning/deep learning engineering, data engineering, and operational intelligence to discuss important technical challenges in trading and investment.

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KX Session

09:25 AM

Interoperability vs performance: bringing the best of both to kdb+.

Accelerating analytics workloads by seamlessly leveraging kdb+/q via ANSI-SQL and Python while executing (almost) at the world-record breaking speed of kdb+/q. Lessons learned from customer projects to integrate kdb+ into the modern cloud data science ecosystem.

Connor Gervin - KX

Connor Gervin, Partner Engineering Lead, KX


KX Insights

Unleash the power of the world’s fastest streaming data analytics platform.

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