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EXCLUSIVE EVENT | July 7, 2022 | 09:00 (BST)

A-Team Innovation Briefing – London


Event Overview

With the acceleration of cloud adoption, demand for digital transformation and real time data management, the pressure is increasing for financial institutions to overhaul their IT infrastructures to enable more agile operating models that can respond faster to change and make better use of data as a competitive advantage.

The holy grail for data consumers (internal and external) is to be able to access trusted, quality, data anywhere, frictionlessly and in real time, with safe and secure governance.

This Innovation Briefing will explore approaches to data infrastructure modernisation, technologies required and how to make sure processes are optimised to support real time data management.

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KX Speaking Session

09:35 AM – 10:20 AM BST

Dan Seal

Dan Seal, SVP, Streaming Analytics, KX

Transitioning from legacy data infrastructures to agile and accessible digital platforms

  • Limitations of legacy data infrastructures in today’s data-driven and digital world
  • Components of the modern data stack and how to approach technology modernization
  • Integration: How to approach and implement interoperability with legacy systems and workflows
  • How to manage and optimize your hybrid and multi-cloud environment strategy


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