Streaming Analytics

Organizations must respond to near-real-time business intelligence based on streams of data. This ability will have an increasing role in smart electrical grids, transportation operations management, national intelligence applications, and some kinds of sophisticated fraud detection, cross-selling and location services.

19 of the 20 largest institutions use kdb+ and Kx technology to capture opportunities in milliseconds. We are uniquely placed to deliver value from these event streams.

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In-memory Computing

With kdb+ the powerful combination of an in-memory database, a time series enhanced superset of SQL, tight integration to external systems, and a fully featured programming language embedded directly on the data allows Kx to deliver in a uniquely cost-effective and performant fashion.

Support is included out of the box for WebSockets, JSON, in-memory key-value stores, in-memory time series databases, publish/subscribe messaging, APIs, distributed parallelization, compression and encryption, allowing for the most rigorous of compute and integration requirements.

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Time Series Database

Kx technology is designed to capture the essence of time in computing. Our native support for temporal and bi-temporal features is a rare capability. High precision nanosecond timestamps, time ordered querying, uniquely performant aggregation across flexibly-defined time buckets, coupled with time-based table joins of unparalleled speed, allows kdb+ to stand alone in time-series analytics.

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Operational Intelligence

Operational intelligence helps companies make improved and faster decisions based on what is occurring now, what has occurred in the past, and what is predicted to take place in the future. Our solutions provide situational awareness by blending, processing and analyzing real-time and historical information to deliver operational intelligence and actionable insights. This intelligence is used to improve decision making: driving greater customer engagement, improved products and services, and improved efficiency at unprecedented levels of performance and volumes.

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Internet of Things

The IoT has reached tremendous levels of interest in today’s highly-competitive business landscape – and there is good reason for the hype. Organizations are presented with huge opportunities with data collected by Internet-connected sensors.

Kx leverages this data to create actionable insights in real-time: for example, enabling manufacturers to correct, and eventually predict, malfunctions; or providing utilities with better visibility and control over the grid via smart meter data.

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Machine Learning

Widely deployed in the data science community, tools such as Analyst for Kx take much of the effort out of visualization, normalization, cleaning and data wrangling. Widely used native statistical libraries sit alongside the tightly coupled tools such as TensorFlow, Theano and Keras. Even your favorite Python libraries can be called directly from kdb+ code.

For research, feature engineering and real-time classification and regression, Kx technology is ideal for predictive analytics across any velocity of data; real-time, mini-batch, through to petabytes of deep history, all are equally supported, and highly performant with Kx.

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