Smart meter research with kdb+

26 May 2015 | , ,
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smart meterA team of researchers at the Database Research Group at Waterloo University led by Xiufeng Liu, have published a paper, Benchmarking Smart Meter Analytics. They built a simulated smart meter database and used open-source software and kdb+ to perform a set of standard analytics.

The results are quite interesting. Check out the paper here, and note, the pseudonym “System C” refers to kdb+.

You can find Xiufeng Liu’s benchmarking code on GitHub here.


kdb+ and Python

Kdb+ and Python: embedPy and PyQ

15 Nov 2017 | , ,

In September, Kx announced a range of initiatives to put machine learning (ML) capabilities at the heart of future technology development. The first library to be released as part of this initiative is embedPy, which exposes powerful Python functionality to q developers. EmbedPy is the mirror image of PyQ, a set of software components that simplify the running of a Python interpreter alongside a kdb+ server, the rights to which Kx has acquired. Developed by Alexander Belopolsky of Enlightenment Research, PyQ covers all Python libraries, with a primary focus on numerical libraries such as NumPy and SciPy.