New Kx ODBC 3.x driver

6 Apr 2016 | , , ,
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The new Kx ODBC 3.x driver is compatible with kdb+ 3.2, and later, and with both free 32-bit kdb+ for Windows and Linux, as well as the 64-bit version of kdb+ for Linux.

Kx ODBC 3.x can be used with common business intelligence tools. It includes several significant enhancements, including better SQL support, as well as fixes from previous versions.

The new Kx ODBC 3.x driver opens up access to kdb+ data for a wider pool of business users.

Details are available on the Kx wiki: Cookbook/ODBC/v3server.

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Q for Mortals guide to kdb+/q programming

Q for Mortals Version 3 Now Free Online

3 Jan 2017 | , , , ,

Kx is pleased to announce that Jeffry Borror’s book Q for Mortals Version 3, An Introduction to Q Programming, is now available for free online at code.kx.com here.
Q for Mortals serves as both an introduction and reference guide to programming in q/kdb+, and replaces an earlier version. In the latest edition, Jeffry includes expanded real-life applications based on his experience teaching and using q at a large financial institution where kdb+/q has been widely deployed for many years.