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    Canadian Security Regulator innovates to support market integrity with KX



    ORGANIZATION Canadian Security Regulator
    GEOGRAPHY Canada
    INDUSTRY Securities and Exchange
    EMPLOYEES 200+

    KX delivers on-demand market surveillance that aggregated data from any stock exchanges across Canada


    This Canadian security regulator brings provincial and territorial securities regulators across Canada together to share ideas and work at designing policies and regulations that are consistent across the country and ensure the smooth operation of Canada’s securities industry. By collaborating on rules, regulations, and other programs, they help avoid duplication of work and streamline regulatory process for companies seeking to raise investment capital and others working in the investment industry.


    Flexible dashboards to support data exploration


    Extensive library of scenarios across all asset classes



    Auto-match broker and exchange trades to identify the beneficial owner


    This Canadian security regulator has been using its homegrown data management system for the past 10 years.

    They realized there were a lot of weaknesses in its system and the performance was too slow. To stay competitive and tackle growing financial services fraud, they needed to find a new solution to replace their legacy system to not only help ingest large volumes of data but to analyze it in real-time and scale autonomously.

    WHY KX?

    KX was selected by this Canadian security regulator to build and manage a next-generation market analytics platform designed to assess, investigate and explain potential market abuse cases.

    KX combines the power of the regulator’s existing suite of analytics to deliver a Market Analysis Platform (MAP) that improves insights and support market integrity. MAP is hosted and managed by KX and provides rapid and flexible data interrogation capabilities. The multi-year contract extends KX’s market-leading presence for regulators seeking advanced technologies to ensure the integrity and security of their markets.

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