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    KX combines historic and real-time data to deliver actionable insights for business decisions when they count most.


    As data journeys through its lifecycle it is essential to capture and optimize its value to drive critical business decisions.


    Continuous intelligence is a paradigm shift driving smarter business decisions by integrating real-time analytics into business operations. Real-time data is ingested and analyzed instantly while historic data provides valuable context enabling organizations to be powered by continuously enriched actionable insights.  


    A uniquely integrated platform, unlike other solutions that patch together various data ingestion and analytics products.


    The KX platform is built on kdb+, an ultra-high-performance time series relational and columnar database designed for rapid analytics on large scale datasets in motion and at rest. The columnar design of kdb+ means it offers greater speed and efficiency than typical relational databases and its native support for time-series operations vastly improves both the speed and performance of queries, aggregation, and analysis of structured data.


    Leveraging the kdb+ time series database, the KX streaming analytics platform achieves extremely high performance with minimal infrastructure requirements using industry standard hardware.


    Kdb+ is unique from other popular databases because it operates directly on the data in the database, removing the need to ship data to other applications for analysis.

    Kdb+ makes full use of the intrinsic power of modern multi-core hardware architectures. Highly interoperable with other programming languages, kdb+ supports an extensive range of interfaces with a very simple API, for easy connectivity to external graphical, reporting and legacy systems. 


    KX is designed for critical real-time performance with extreme scalability to support continuous actionable intelligence.


    KX Streaming Analytics is able to solve complex problems faster – and on a smaller infrastructure footprint – than any of its competitors — whether on premise, in the cloud or at the edge. Built in machine learning and complex event processing allow quick decision making and proactive automated actions to be executed in fractions of a second.

    Available as a cloud native product, KX supports various cloud architectures including serverless deployments. Developers can build out flexible services and deliver business results rather than worry about hardware infrastructure.

    Utilizes kdb+, the world’s fastest time series database

    Integrates ingestion, storage, and analytics in a single platform

    Handles extreme mission critical volumes of data
    at scale

    Combines historical data with real-time in relevant context for actionable insights

    Runs on everything from small edge devices to cloud infrastructure

    Our 5 Key Differentiating

    Our 5 Key Differentiating


    The KX Streaming Analytics platform turns data of all types and ages – into actionable insights.


    The platform provides the ability to ingest, store, process, and analyze historic and time series data to make analytics, insights, and visualizations instantly available.

    To help ensure your applications and users are productive quickly, the platform provides the full lifecycle of data services, including query processing, tiering, migration, archiving, data protection, and scaling.

    Our advanced analytics and visualization tools enable you to define and perform queries, calculations, aggregations, machine learning and AI on any streaming and historical data. Data can come from real-time business events and high-volume sources including sensors, clickstreams, Radio-Frequency Identification, GPS Systems, social networking sites, and mobile devices.

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    Demanding decisions depend on KX Streaming Analytics.