Kx Community Meetups Worldwide

24 Nov 2014 | , ,
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Interested in sharing your latest inspiration in kdb+, and getting input from other “q-ists,” as they are called by the Kx Community NYC Meetup? Join a Meetup in your area, or start your own. They are a great way to network and exchange ideas. Feel free to become a co-organizer, suggest a gathering, or simply organize a night out at a pub.

Check out the growing list of groups and join one in your area, the latest addition is Toronto:
New York City
Hong Kong


Kdb+ Mastermind Challenge

Kdb+ Mastermind Challenge

4 Oct 2017 | , , , , ,

The Kx Community NYC Meetup recently competed in a Mastermind coding competition moderated by expert kdb+ programmer Nick Psaris, author of the book “Q Tips: Fast, Scalable and Maintainable Kdb+.” The top four solutions were notable for the completely different approaches they took. Mastermind is a popular code-breaking game introduced in 1975 that pits a “codemaker” against a “codebreaker.” The “code,” represented by four pegs chosen from a universe of 6 colors, is picked by the “codemaker.” The “codebreaker” continually makes 4-peg guesses and is told by the “codemaker” how many are the correct color in the correct position, and how many are the correct color in the wrong position.

Kx for IoT in Asia with kdb+

Kx and the Internet of Things Asia

21 Apr 2017 | , , , ,

Adoption of connected devices and Internet of Things data analysis has become a compelling business imperative for companies and countries around the world. In Asia, the IoT revolution has unique characteristics reflecting the infrastructure and politics of the region. The conference is fittingly held in Singapore, which is striving to become the world’s first Smart City.