Harnessing the strength of Kx in Telecommunications

9 Aug 2016 | , , , , ,
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By Manus McGuire

Few industries link together such a diverse array of technologies as easily as telecommunications. From 100-year-old copper to contemporary optic fibre, circuit switch to packet switch, bakelite to silicone and every 2G, 3G and 4G variant in between, a call or data transfer can follow an incredibly tortuous path. As a result telecom providers are continually challenged to provide additional services while retaining the same quality of experience for their customers – mainly because they have to deal with high-volume, high-velocity data environments where real-time processing is crucial. Here are some areas where kdb+ could help:

  • Location tracking: Subscribers may know full well where they are but the operators servicing them may not. They want to, however. This may be because regulators demand that they do, for dispatching emergency services for example, or because they want to offer location-based services.
  • Targeted marketing: Incorporate location information with data from multiple other sources like Census, handset info and billing, as well as deep packet inspection (DPI) to gain much better insight into who you are targeting  to increase revenue.
  • System monitoring to help diagnostics and self-optimizing networks and capacity planning to improve quality and cut costs.
  • The ability to provide real-time and possibly content-based billing in a more efficient and cost-effective way.
  • Revenue stimulation from the ability to offer dynamic service pricing at periods of off-peak utilization

Other use cases might cover usage analysis to balance individual user activity with quality of experience across the subscriber base as a whole or managing Signal-to-Noise Ratio using techniques like Kalman Filtering.  The power of kdb+ offers significant opportunity to address these and other challenges in processing high-volume high-velocity data in real-time.

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Sensors Working Overtime

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Kx recently became an official team supplier to Aston Martin Red Bull Racing who is using Kx technology to handle mission-critical aerodynamic data. Below is an article published by Aston Martin Red Bull Racing on 11 January 2018 which explains the importance of this aero data, and working with Kx technology, for improving car performance for the F1 Team. It outlines how Kx’s in-memory, time series database software, capable of handling millions of events and measurements every second, provides a platform for analysing data on the RB14 and its successors.

kdb+ for industrial internet of things 4.0

Kx Insights: IIoT for Predictive Maintenance and Big Data

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IIoT for predictive maintenance enables more extensive monitoring of equipment and processes at a much lower cost than traditional methods and delivers actionable warnings to prevent or minimize the consequences of an impending failure. Where IIoT for predictive maintenance is deployed in a well-designed program using Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) it will reduce surprise outages, lost production, extensive repairs, secondary damage and increase safety.

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MiFID II, The Day After

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Don’t pop the champagne yet for the launch of Europe’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II). While January 3rd was the go-live date, and the industry is thought to be 80% compliant, there are major outstanding issues to contend with in 2018. Yesterday was simply a milestone marking the turn to the home stretch.
Although MiFID II has been in the works for many years, its Level II and Level III guidance was still being finished in the second half of 2017, which has meant an uncomfortable level of ambiguity for those who must implement MiFID II.