Avoid the heartbreak of missed connections

16 Apr 2014 | ,
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people in busy airport

We thought we would help the kx community get started by offering some of our free tools to connect kdb+ to Python, Java and C# to help developers build their own applications.

Speaking multiple languages is a skill we value as we consult all over the world, and we see that many of the best programmers we know are multi-lingual as well. Still, it is always nice to make your platform have a native look and feel.

Check out our interfaces at GitHub, and sign up for our Google Group.


How to Avoid a Goat in Monte Carlo – Elegantly

19 Feb 2019 | ,

by PJ O’Kane and Rian O’Cuinneagain We are all encouraged to be problem solvers. Solutions, however, depend not only on the complexity of the problem but also on the skillset of the solver and the tools at their disposal. Moreover, some can be faced head-on whereas others are best addressed indirectly. If, for example, you […]

Kx Product Insights: Kx for Love!!

14 Feb 2019 | , ,

By Declan Fallontine This month’s Insights post falls on Valentine’s day so today’s article will feature a dashboard visualizing data centered on romance.  As a source we will use a blog post by dating site, Zoosk, which investigating generational differences in dating[1].   Zoosk has over 750K dating profiles and its members have generated nearly 250 million messages […]