A comparison of Python and q for data analysis

21 Aug 2018 | , , , ,

Guest blogger Ferenc Bodon illustrates using Python, SQL and kdb+ for data analytics in this blog. He takes an example that goes just one step beyond the simplest use cases by performing some aggregation based on multiple columns. Anybody who analyzes data tables will bump into this type of problem, probably on the third day.

Research in kdb+/q: AQuery

29 Sep 2016 | ,

Dr. Dennis Shasha, of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at NYU, and José Pablo Cambronero, a PhD student at MIT, recently presented the results of their research on AQuery and q/kdb+ at the latest Kx Community NYC Meetup. AQuery is a simple extension to SQL that makes joins, moving averages, correlations, and other such

kdb+ query scaling

21 Apr 2014 | , ,

kdb+ is a powerful tool for extracting information from increasingly large amounts of timeseries data and Ian examines some of the key steps which can be taken to ensure optimal efficiency of queries being run against large kdb+ databases.