Kx Insights: How Prosumers are driving Big Data Innovation at Utilities

13 Jun 2018 | , , , ,

Prosumers in the utility sector, who both produce and consume electricity, are increasingly influencing how utilities are interacting with rate payers. These clients utilize distributed renewable energy resources to produce energy, both for themselves and for the grid, and actively monitor and manage their own energy use. Their unique ability to return power to the grid introduces a bi-directional flow of energy where there was formerly “one-way traffic.” This poses a coordination challenge, as the energy sector’s traditional supply-and-demand management approaches are forced into new and challenging territories.

Kx powers Data Mart for Ontario’s Smart Meter Data

20 Mar 2017 | , , , ,

The IESO's Data Mart uses Kx technology to support high volumes of daily data access requests and anticipated growth with 24x7x365 availability, as well as current and future demands for advanced analytics in Ontario’s energy sector. For example, with kdb+, the IESO is able to aggregate an entire year of data for all meters in a few minutes, which supports analysis of load profiles, consumption behavior and different rate models.

The Internet of Things: It’s a question of when not if

12 Nov 2016 | , ,

We are on the cusp of a massive change in the utility sector worldwide. Smart-meters working collectively with the Internet of Things are going to generate a flood of data but turning that data into insights and those insights into value is going to be a challenge. Change seems inevitable with pull from consumers and push from utilities, national grids and regulators.