Components of a Cyber Solution with Kx

12 Jun 2018 | , , ,

The Kx for Cyber platform is a unique combination of traditional SIEM and Security Orchestration, Automation/Analysis and Remediation (SOAR). This blog focuses on tools designed to aid and augment the security team throughout the typical cybersecurity workflow, including the extraction, transformation and loading of data as well as the analysis and visualization.

Business Growth Fund partnership to extend Kx technology in new markets

19 Feb 2017 | , , , , ,

Kx parent First Derivatives (FD) recently announced its latest strategic partnership is with the Business Growth Fund (BGF), one of the UK’s leading investors. This new alliance plans to seed Kx technology in up-and-coming businesses looking for the kind of technological advantage that only Kx can provide. Target areas will include cyber security, AI, blockchain, robotics, nanotechnology, life sciences, neurology and machine learning.

Cybersecurity, telecoms and Kx technology

22 Nov 2016 | , ,

Businesses are facing an increasingly indiscriminate threat from cyber criminals. Despite the best security, companies must remain on high alert because hackers are continually changing their methods. Having first focused on banks, hedge funds, insurance companies and other financial institutions, cyber attackers have expanded across all sectors, so no organization is immune.