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18 Sep 2014

FirstBPM signs OEM deal with Kx Systems to deliver high performance data analytics platform

As part of the deal, FirstBPM will deploy kdb+ to greatly enhance the speed and performance of its data analytics processes.

9 Sep 2014

Kx Systems' kdb+ technology chosen by Shenzhen Stock Exchange for trading analytics

Kdb+ is going to be used by the Laboratory for Financial Innovation of SZSE to construct a data analysis platform for market risk assessment, analysis of market performance, trading simulations, and other data analysis.

2 Apr 2014

Kx Systems announces new community site and free version of its database software and programming language

Kx announces its new website to support its growing user base, and also that the 32-bit version of kdb+ will now be free for commercial use.

25 Feb 2014

Kx Systems names Affinity Systems as Consulting, Training, and Sales Partner

Kx Systems announces a consulting, training, and sales partnership focusing on the utilities sector with Affinity Systems, a Mississauga, Ontario-based software consultancy.

22 Jan 2014

Kx Systems' kdb+ technology chosen for retrieval and querying of smart meter data processed by Ontario's Smart Metering system

Time-series relational database system evaluated and tested with over 15 terabytes of data.

24 Jun 2013
10 Jun 2013

New version of Kx's kdb+ is up to 8x faster than any previous STAC M3 benchmarks

Kx announces impressive results at the Chicago STAC summit.

21 May 2013

Largest trader on NYSE Liffe RSJ chooses Kx Systems for speed

During the evaluation process RSJ pushed potential systems to the limit before concluding that Kx Systems was the best provider.

2 May 2013

Kx Systems Expands Academic Program with Sponsorship at NYU-Poly Big Data Finance Conference

Kx is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the NYU-Poly Big Data Finance Conference on Friday, May 3, 2013.