Kx Systems

Spreading the code.

Kx Systems encourages researchers, students, and instructors at universities around the world to take advantage of the power of kdb+/q with a free academic license for the full 64-bit enterprise version, in addition to the free, smaller-memory-space 32-bit version.

Academics in a wide range of disciplines, from genetics to political science to smart meter analytics to financial modeling, are using kdb+ in their research. Also, several internationally renowned business schools with MFE programs are teaching their students how to build systems in kdb+.

Institutions currently using kdb+ include: Baruch College - The City University of New York; the University of California, Berkeley; Goethe University Frankfurt; Loughborough University; MIT; the University of Virginia; New York University; and Waterloo University.

If you are associated with an academic institution and would like to request the use of an academic license, please complete our .

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The q language.
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The 32-bit version of kdb+ is freely available for use, and is ideal for learning the q programming language.