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    Detect. Mitigate.

    Fraud detection capabilities, like AML, are based on the same market-leading technology used by regulators and brokers worldwide for trade and market surveillance.



    It is powered by the world’s fastest time-series database, kdb+, for ingesting and normalizing data from multiple sources, performing real-time analytics for detecting AML violations, providing instant alerting and full lifecycle case management.


    The entire process is supported by a flexible HTML5-based UI providing investigative dashboards, market reconstruction and replay, flexible alert configuration and full backtesting capabilities.


    AML teams have the onerous task of validating the probity of their customers, the transactions they execute and, in many cases, the actions the institution undertakes on their behalf.


    As a result, they are striving to achieve the same levels of data aggregation and analysis that their trading counterparts have had to meet for MAR, MiFID and similar regulations. In the process, they are facing the same problems in the sourcing, cleansing, analysis and governance of the required data, much of which is often siloed in different systems, stored in multiple formats and labeled with inconsistent nomenclature.

    KX is designed to address precisely these challenges and provide real-time detection of prohibited activity ranging from individual trading misconduct and suspicious transaction profiles though to cross-party collusion and insider trading. Out of the box alerts include:



    Looks back through a user-defined number of days to determine if transactions in and out of a customer’s account exceed predefined thresholds.



    Monitors transfers in or out of accounts, taking into consideration amounts being transferred and number of occurrences within a given period of time.



    Checks if the amount of funds deposited or withdrawn deviates more than a certain percentage from the average of all deposits or withdrawals.

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