Big 4 Australian bank tackles financial fraud with an integrated surveillance solution



ORGANIZATION Big 4 Australian Bank
INDUSTRY Financial Services

This big 4 Australian Bank is the leading provider of integrated financial services in its region. 

It offers personal banking, business solutions, institutional banking, insurance and other services. With global branches across the world, the bank is responsible for surveilling their data across different systems to comply with regional regulations.


Immediate ROI achieved migrating two surveillance solutions into one


Global regulatory coverage against an extensive library of scenarios



Flexible workflow tool that caters to company’s surveillance business processes


This Australian bank was using an existing E-Comms solution which, like most, was siloed from their trade surveillance data.


The overhead cost of managing its E-Comms data was cumbersome, with their current solution requiring a separate operations team. Thank bank was looking for a way to reduce overhead, especially with, new regulations pushed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) requiring the analysis of E-Comms data and trade data. They needed to find a solution that could meet these requirements while being future-proof and scalable.


Having had success using KX Surveillance to monitor its trade data, the Australian bank turned to KX to achieve its ambitious goals. 


KX Surveillance was already implemented and detecting trading violations. The bank decided to use KX’s unified solution to also monitor its E-Comms data. KX Surveillance was chosen as it was able to capture trader behavioral data alongside trade data and meet all the bank’s requirements. Using the combined datasets, the team was able to gain advanced new insights and better detection by correlating patterns between the E-Comms and transactional data.

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