Axi delivers markets observability using kdb Insights on Azure

Axi expands business offerings using KX Insights on Azure



INDUSTRY Financial Services

Built for the cloud on a cloud native architecture, continuous road map and scalable license model 


Axi, formerly known as AxiTrader, offers expertise for FOREX brokers and delivers FX trading solutions. Axi takes pride in truly understanding their customer’s needs and are dedicated to faster execution and improved risk management. Axi’s commitment draws on investments made in new products, new technology, to strengthen its global presence, and to help sharpen their trading capabilities for 60,000 traders in 100+ countries.


Faster execution and improved risk management 


Scalable real-time streaming analytics and visualizations for business insights


Low Footprint

Reduces TCO. Develop, deploy, and run on a low footprint in the cloud


Axi needed to find a solution that was able to capture, analyze, and visualize streaming data in real-time and at scale. 


To support their trading, operations, and risk management teams, up-to-date business intelligence reports and analytics were essential. Ultimately, the challenge was finding the right technology with the ability to capture a large dataset including market data quotes, customer trades, and derived calculations in an efficient and reliable way that would grow the business.


KX presented a unique offering with ultra real-time streaming analytics, visualization, and historical analysis that provided fast prototyping and deployment in a single technology stack. 


This combination led Axi to start using KX in 2015. KX enabled Axi to capture a large dataset on a very small hardware footprint, whilst generating key reports on real-time positions, perform risk analysis, and provide insights for the trading desks at a low TCO. As the company continued to grow, they expanded the solution with KX Dashboards, which provided the capability for dashboards and visualizations to be configured across both historical and streaming real-time data; other common visualization tools evaluated could only provide historical or batch analysis. Further expansion of the business needs and use cases meant that Axi needed to grow and scale their KX infrastructure on their chosen cloud provider, Azure. kdb Insights was the obvious choice given the ability to deliver efficient and time sensitive data processing in real-time natively in the cloud for its growing FX business.

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