Quantitative research: Accelerate time to insight with powerful analytics

Delays in insight can be the difference between leading the market and falling behind. Whether you are optimizing trade execution strategies, managing risk, or seeking alpha generation, gain the edge you need with our powerful analytics platform.

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Key benefits

Test faster than the competition

Run tests with lightning-fast ingestion and query speeds to accelerate time to insight.

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Large-scale data handling

Analyze large volumes of historical tick data, performing complex, granular analysis without degradation in performance.

Develop robust and accurate models

Derive robust and sophisticated models using advanced, predictive analytics with detailed audit trails for model iterations.

Optimize with confidence

Fine-tune strategies against a wide range of data to improve alpha generation and minimize market impact.

With KX you can…

Easily and efficiently aggregate large volumes of historical data to the precision required by your models.

Leverage highly performant join capabilities to determine market conditions at specific points in time (“as of”) or periods of time (“window”).

Reconstruct National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO) or order books at any time in the past.

Deliver unparalleled performance and precision by aggregating and joining data across time.

Use highly efficient storage and recall of historical data on disk with memory mapping for optimal query performance.

Customer Stories

Discover richer, actionable insights for faster, better-informed decision-making

Japanese bank powers next-gen e-FX ecosystem with KX

KX combines sophisticated order management and the ability to distribute liquidity to multiple market channels to enable the bank to further increase customer reach.

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ADSS leverages KX real-time data platform to accelerate its transformational growth strategy.

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