Use Case: Cobalt integrates Kx technology with next generation FX post-trade processing network

13 Jun 2018 | , , ,

Kx’s high performance time-series database platform kdb+ was chosen by FX post-trade settlement fintech company Cobalt to use as its primary data store. In addition, Cobalt is using several components of Kx for Flow, a white-label FX ecosystem. Flow’s market-neutral trading platform has built-in connectivity across the FX market and contains a series of intuitive HTML5 dashboards (GUI’s), configuration options, and reports, which all can be built to order.

The Silver Lining for Financial Services from MiFiD II Compliance

8 Dec 2016 | , , , , ,

New market structural reform rules are disrupting how financial institutions are doing business -- in a good way. Traditionally banks’ compliance departments have had the luxury of churning out reports to satisfy the regulators, and then filing them away. Those days are gone. Greater amounts of data, on more types of products, now must be analyzed and reported upon more quickly. This is forcing all operational areas, from the back-office to the front office, to upgrade their technology stack in response to the new regulatory regime. In the process, they are discovering a silver lining.